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Data Science become one of the most popular emerging domains and most sought-after career options. According to The Economist, data is now the most valuable resource in the world, ahead of oil. The shift comes as no surprise — 97% of businesses use data to power their business opportunities, and for 76% of businesses, it serves as an integral part of forming a business strategy. That is why Data science get more and more popular nowadays.
Why is Data Science is the future job?
Data science or data-driven science helps to improve decision making, predictive analytics, and model discovery allows you to:
So do you want to know more about data science? Would you want to read blogs with the latest trends and techniques in the data science field? Let’s go, let us unbox the valuable data science blogs.
These blogs are necessary because they highlight the many changes taking place in data science. Since data science is a relatively new field, it is always evolving and expanding into other technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, data visualization, business intelligence, etc. As such, these blogs provide the latest trends and technologies while highlighting the opinions of different professionals in the industry. They also provide learning resources that newcomers can use to take their careers to the next level. Now, let’s take a look at the most recommended data science blogs for 2022.
Towards Data Science Inc. is a corporation registered in Canada. Using medium as a platform to exchange ideas and to expand understanding of data science among thousands of people. It has 654K followers now and also is one of the most popular publications on the medium platforms. There are thousands of articles published including Machine Learning, Programming, Data Visualization, and Artificial Intelligence topics. Here topics more focus on a few topics such as data science tutorials, tips, tricks, hands-on experiences from experts. They developed a small review team to review all the articles submitted by writers. They are strictly reviewing all the articles to ensure to provide quality articles to the audience, by checking the grammar, article completion, picture citation and etc. They need to make sure all the articles are following their basic requirements. It is one of my recommendations, which able to make yourself more understanding of data science, and enhance and utilize your skills.
Inside Big Data founded in 2011, it is a blog dedicated to big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and deep learning. This platform provides special features which are guest features from prominent figures in different fields such as data science and machine learning, bringing their expertise to industry perspectives.
For data scientist newbies, I believed that Dataconomy is a great resource. There are various topics related to data science, tech trends. Dataconomy provides a variety of resources for data scientists to improve themselves such as a free research library and kick-start guidances. Most important, Dataconomy has a candidate database, which allows user to find their career opportunities via searching the career fields. Even though, it can allow the user to submit their information to the community in order to join the job board system.
Data Science Central LLC is a niche digital publishing and media company operating the leading and fast-growing Internet community for data science, machine learning, deep learning, big data, predictive, and business analytics practitioners. In this platform, you can find a lot of information regarding Data Science, cryptography, programming language and etc. Especially for the Data Science Field, there are a lot of existing posts relating to ML, AI, Statistics, Analytics, Data Visualization, and HDFS. Moreover, if any questions, you can raise them to the community forum for further discussions, even asking for job opportunities. Writers can submit their posts to the platform, which can attract users and get more views. The very good things of using this platform are membership is free of charge.
Simply Statistics only 3 biostatistics writers or professors (Jeff Leek, Roger Peng, and Rafa Irizarry) are fired up about the new era where data are abundant and statisticians are scientists. The views represented here are our own and do not represent the views of Johns Hopkins University, Harvard University, or Dana Farber Cancer Institute. Their posts are close to statistics and also its interconnected fields like data science, artificial intelligence, etc. Of course, if you are interested to be a statistician, that has posts related to an interview session with proficient junior data scientists and senior faculty about their careers and learnings in the industry. This platform is seldom updated a new blog but valuable information for each post.
Datafloq is a platform that gathers the knowledge of big data, blockchain, and artificial intelligence. DataFloq provided useful information, insights, and opportunities to drive technology innovation. From this platform, you can find valuable knowledge around emerging technologies such as big data, blockchain, and artificial intelligence including trends, best practices, vendors, events, and jobs. Moreover, there is also an option to search or add events and register for their online training sessions.
No Free Hunch is one of the community blogs under Google Kaggle and running in the Medium. This blog is slightly different compared to others, it directly faces the minds of data scientists, as well as tutorials training, and news. Kaggle always hosts data science projects and competitions that challenge data scientists to build their best fit models by providing datasets. Even though organizations can post their data problems with awards to hire data professionals to provide solutions to solve their problems encountered. Crowdsourcing ensures that the experiments are innovative and interesting, and gets the perspectives from the professions. Kaggle’s official blog is focusing on these competitions and offers interviews with the winners to discuss their approach to solving the data science problems, even providing job opportunities. The blog also features news and tutorials for all levels of data science enthusiasts.
For new data scientists, this blog will be a great kick-start place. This blog is run by Ryan Swanstrom, who was ex-Microsoft, ex-Wells Fargo, and government defense contractors data scientists. Currently, he works as a consultant and entitles the Director of Data Science for Unify Consulting. He always shares his valuable experience, tips, and advice on how to be a successful data scientist. Data Science 101 is widely regarded as one of the most popular data science blogs because it provides a lot of tips and tricks related to data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence.
Data-Science-Report considers as a center of in-depth resources, it curates resources from a variety of formats. The purpose is to make data scientists get data easily and get data science into your brain. The site collects free courses, articles, books, videos, and TED Talks to help any level of a data scientist. It consists of a lot of pieces of information regarding how to get started from the data science field, salary negotiation, interviews, technology, social media, marketing, and topics that are just “simply interesting.” It’s a resource hub for data scientists at any point in their career and anyone with a mind to learn about data.
SmartData Collective is a community site that focuses on Business Intelligence, data management, and data science in the industry. There is a variety of topics posted every day including data science, analysis, big data, business intelligence, and marketing. It most emphasized how we transformed our traditional business to have the best practices by interacting with data science methodologies. Currently, there are a lot of existing posts related to social visibility revolution with data science, and data analysis on SEO implementation successful cases. One of the features similar to Data Science Central, it allows any data analytics or data scientists to submit valuable posts through the SmartData Collective team. Once passes the review, the community group will post our articles.
In a nutshell, learning never stops, since technology is changing rapidly. Get to know more and more knowledge from these blogs, it will be earnings to yourself. Of course, there are not all the data science blogs, just a portion of them, but these are famous data science blogs to learn the latest innovations and knowledge.
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Data Engineer, Data Analyst, RPA Developer, Full-stack developer. Proficiency in Python, Django, ML, API Dev, React Js, C#, Nextjs, Flutter, and Algorithm
empowerment through data, knowledge, and expertise. subscribe to DDIntel at https://ddintel.datadriveninvestor.com
Written by
Data Engineer, Data Analyst, RPA Developer, Full-stack developer. Proficiency in Python, Django, ML, API Dev, React Js, C#, Nextjs, Flutter, and Algorithm
empowerment through data, knowledge, and expertise. subscribe to DDIntel at https://ddintel.datadriveninvestor.com