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In case your kids aren’t caught up with online classes or examinations, they might be able to benefit from all the extra time they suddenly have at their hands, just like yourself. From courses that can be directly applied in their education such as Basics of Programming to ones that will make them a good samaritan, the digital space has a lot to offer for your young ones. Take out your reading glasses and start browsing through the line-up—chances are you’re going to want to make your child enrol in more than one of these.
Whether your child ends up choosing IT as a career later in life or not, programming is transforming from a specialised to an essential skill. Enhance your child’s computational thinking, creativity, and problem- solving skills through self-paced videos that explain programming in an inspiring and fun way. What’s more, your child will receive assignments to create their own programs from scratch as part of this course. 
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Work on your child’s hand-eye coordination and self-expression with these online drawing lessons. Each lesson is taught using a step-by-step drawing method, requiring no previous skills and making it super easy to follow. Your child will walk out with some cute and cuddly animal drawing masterpieces of their own!
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Whether your child is a beginner or a prodigy at chess, they can hop onto this platform to find a well-matched opponent from around the world at any time. The course’s library of entertaining videos that teach different tactics of the game is a great way for your kid to learn patience, strategy, and critical thinking skills.
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Join Cady and friends in the bayou of Louisiana as they embark on a virtual adventure to learn what steps they can take to save their environment. From climate change to sick animals and dying trees, this course will teach your child why they should be concerned about trash and what they can do to care for the earth.
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Get your child to learn about an essential component of English language and literature—similes, metaphors and hyperboles. A series of fun interactive videos narrated by an animated character make the learning process exciting and effortless.
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Life skills are just as important for your children as educational ones. This courses acquaints children with bullying as a concept through comic-book style illustrations and anecdotes. It also equips them with understanding bullies and provides tips to deal with them.
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