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Want to learn a programming language and become a successful web developer or software developer? Here are some free Python courses to get started!
Python is a high-level programming language. It's popular among the programming community due to its simplicity and versatility. You’ll find its usage in high-end computing like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), databases, scientific software, etc. Coincidentally, experts working in these fields also get paid handsomely.
If you are a beginner, start by learning the basics of Python programming, and then climb up the ladder as you learn more. In this article, you'll find a list of free Python courses for beginners.
This course is ideal for people who have no prior experience with programming. You’ll learn the fundamentals of programming language along with Anaconda 5.0.0 and Python 3.6. The course is also suitable for people with experience in any other programming language, but willing to learn Python from scratch.
You’ll start your Python programming journey by installing the Jupyter Notebook IDE. Then, you’ll get to learn Python strings, dictionaries, control flow, functions, random modules, and many more. The complete course would take up to seven hours.
The course content consists of 10 sections, 39 lectures, and seven exercises. You’ll also get complete solutions to problems within the video lectures, as well as in downloadable PDF format.
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The University of Michigan is offering this course through Coursera to give everyone a chance to learn computer programming and the Python language. You don’t have to have any prior background in computer coding or complex mathematics to enroll in this Python for beginners course.
The instructors designed the course content in such a way that you can become a Python coder if you take the course's content diligently. It’s an added advantage if you have a basic understanding of computers and simple mathematics. So far, 2,379,916 learners have already enrolled in the course.
You’ll start programming and Python lessons from the beginning, like installing Python and coding your first program. You’ll also learn variables, functions, loops, etc.
This Python learning program brings you to the top tier through a step-wise learning process. You’ll start from basic Python and learn many theories and practical examples to reach the advanced level.
The learning platform organizes the courses in separate sections. If you’ve just started learning Python, you can go through the basics first before learning complex theories. However, you can jump to other sections if you’ve got a bit of knowledge about Python and you want to brush up on your expertise.
The entire course has two sections, namely Tutorial Index and Library Functions. Under Tutorial Index, you’ll find nine sections, like Basics, Complex Data types, Object-Oriented Programming System (OOPs) concept, etc. You can complete the sections at your own pace without rushing to the next one.
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Pythonspot is another free learning platform for Python programming. Besides helping you to learn the basics of Python, it also gives you exposure to the applications of Python in specialized fields. If your goal is to become a machine learning (ML) engineer, access the relevant section.
There are certain prerequisites before you can get started with learning coding in Python. For example, you’ll need Python 2.5 or more and a Python programming IDE to execute the Python program codes that you’ll learn here.
The platform has carefully organized the learning course so that you can gradually go deep into Python as you keep completing course sections. You’ll learn a host of theories on Python, like string slices, variables, lists, functions, loops, ranges, and many more.
It offers free learning content on basic Python programming in video format. The course should take four hours to complete. At the end of the course, there will be a quiz for learning assessment.
You’ll get to learn conceptual fundamentals like Python Data Structures, Operators, Variables, Functions, Flow Control Statements, Object-Oriented Programming (OOPs), etc. You’ll also get plenty of chances to code basic programs in Python during the learning sessions.
This course enables you to learn basic Python and data science side-by-side. The platform has designed the courses in a step-wise manner so that you can grasp the learning and apply it by creating awesome Python programs.
You’ll start your Python language journey by learning Python basics, lists, functions, packages, and NumPy. NumPy enables you to learn data science directly from the beginner level. Therefore, this is a goal-oriented course for those who want to learn Python quickly to get a high-paying job in the data science sector.
The Wesleyan University offers this course on Coursera. The course content introduces Python 3.x to the learners through hands-on projects. It’s a four-week syllabus that would require 18 hours of focused learning.
The course content won’t bore you as you’ll get to learn Python in interactive ways through videos, readings, and quizzes. In this course, you’ll see a programming example followed by a practical exercise so that you can conceptualize the coursework.
The learning content is free and self-paced. However, if you want to earn a certificate, you need to apply for Financial Aid and complete the course work by a specific date.
This LinkedIn learning course is ideal for newbies and experienced programmers who want to switch to Python. The course content walks you through the installation of Python. Gradually, you’ll learn basic Python syntax.
Finally, you’ll also learn to code and run a simple Python program on your own. That’s not all! You’ll also get experience in working with date and time, reading files, writing files, retrieving HTML data from the web, etc.
This Udemy course teaches you the basics of Python. It also gives you an actual taste of success by helping you build a virtual assistant for your computer based on Python programming. This course is completely free for you to enroll.
This course helps you test the Python coding language that you’ve learned so far by taking up any of the previously mentioned courses. It has five comprehensive sections and 23 easy-to-understand lectures. Within a mere 48 minutes, you can test your beginner’s knowledge of Python to gain confidence for the advanced levels.
Now you have a solid list of beginner-level Python courses that are also free. The best part is, you don’t have to take a hit on your daily schedule to learn Python.
Even if you’re a student or working professional with no prior knowledge of Python programming, you can still become a Python coder. You just need to set a weekly goal of self-paced learning and assess your knowledge by creating basic programs.
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