Adobe Photoshop CC Fundamentals and Essentials Training


Summary, Description

Hi There, I am Stephen Koel Soren and I am a Graphics and Web Professional. If you are a novice and looking to learn photoshop from scratch then this course will allow you to learn Adobe Photoshop Professionally. For studying graphics design and photoshop retouching from beginner to intermediate this course can be a lighthouse for you. You can learn from this course about Photoshop Layer, Colour and Adjustment, Photoshop Color Correction, Shape and Icon, Content-Aware & Cropping, Photoshop Text Design, Gradient Stroke & Bevel, Shadow, Blending, Range, Photoshop Masking, Blur & Filters, Turn, Warp & Distort, Clipping Mask, Retouch, Photoshop Retouching,Advance Tool and many more.

This course is particularly for beginners and you do not need any prior knowledge of adobe photoshop, photography, or architecture. We will start right from the beginning and work our way through step by step. If you never opened Photoshop before or you have already opened Photoshop but you are searching for simple and important use of photoshop you just have to follow me and together we can learn how to create beautiful photographs using Photoshop.

For whom this course is intended:

Beginner Who Needs To Practice Photoshop and Graphics Design


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