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Press release from BiblioTech: Bexar County’s All-Digital Public Library:
September 10, 2021
New resource alert! Learn Something New!
BiblioTech Public Library is proud to offer access to a new resource called Udemy . Udemy is an online resource that offers active learning courses to all Bexar County residents and those that work or go to school in the area.
Maybe you need to spruce up that resume, learn a new skill, or would like to start a new business. Whatever you may need, Udemy could be the help you’re looking for!
Udemy offers courses from project management, resume writing, finance, accounting, marketing, cloud computing and so much more!
Learn from the experts in their field and elevate yourself to new heights! Feel confident in knowing you will be learning from the best!
Since all courses are online, everything can be learned at your own pace. Plus, it’s all FREE!!
And the best part?
Once you complete each course you will receive a certificate that can be applied to your resume or skills!
To get started on Udemy:
For desktop users: Checkout Udemy by going to the Biliotech Library Homepage, scroll down to “Active Learning“, select Udemy, select “sign in“, then type in “library” for the password. It will then ask you to select either a google account or microsoft account to log in. Once you have selected your login option, you will be all set and well on your way to learning!
For app users: Udemy sadly does not offer an app at this time, but be sure to check back with us later in the future for a possible update!
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