Brazilian Portuguese – The Ultimate Course (Level 1)


A brief description

Welcome to the New Brazilian Portuguese System.

Eduardo Rodrigues is my name, and I enjoy teaching as much as I enjoy learning new languages. And I honestly agree that the opportunity to talk in other languages is enthralling to say the least. When people claim they hate a foreign language, it’s almost always because they haven’t been able to achieve the level of fluency they want. What’s not to like, after all? You can understand other languages, laugh at different stories, and feel independent while traveling if you learn another language besides your own. It’s absolutely awesome.

And I know for a fact that speaking a foreign language is the only way to understand it. You won’t learn Portuguese by just repeating a few words and phrases here and there. While repetition is an important part of the process, it should not be the process itself. As a result, I created “Brazilian Portuguese – The New Process.” Short but impactful lessons will have you speaking Portuguese in no time.

What is the structure of this course?

You’ll be able to download a PDF file with all of the tasks that will be taught in the unit at the start of each section.

The following parts are included in each unit:

It acts as an introduction to the unit. Vocabulário (Vocabulary): You’ll read some key terms that will be covered in that unit here.

Keeping an eye on grammar: this segment would provide you with exactly the right amount of grammar to perform the oral tasks in a normal manner.

Let’s chat! (Let’s talk!) This segment is the heart of the course, as it contains real-life conversational templates. Students must either ask or answer questions in a sequence while integrating the vocabulary added at the start of the unit into their sentences.

On the tip of your tongue (Na ponta da lngua): this section provides pronunciation tips that will help students become more acquainted with the sounds that are important for understanding native Brazilian Portuguese speakers over time.

This section is a text that contains all of the vocabulary that were learned in the unit. It’s a way to demonstrate how much the students have learned in the unit while still analyzing what they’ve learned.

Do you know what I’m talking about? (Wasn’t that interesting?) This segment contains fascinating Brazilian cultural facts. After all, language and culture are inextricably linked, in my opinion.

You’ll also be able to browse PDF files containing a variety of writing exercises that are corrected on film.

Please trust me when I say that I’ve done my very best to build a course that will be useful to those who want to learn Portuguese.

I’ve converted some videos into free previews so you can see for yourself if my course is right for you.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this.

Thank you very much!

This course is planned for the following individuals:

Those considering a trip to Brazil or another Portuguese-speaking region.
Those who enjoy studying foreign languages.
Citizens who are interested in learning about other cultures.
Those who intend to relocate to Brazil or another Portuguese-speaking nation.


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