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A representative of the Capital City Missouri Career Center taught the California Chamber of Commerce ways it can help people connect with careers in the community during an Aug. 11 meeting.
Roger Brisely spoke after the chamber finished normal business about about job opportunities his organization could bring to the area.
Brisely explained he’s part of the career center’s community development team. He covers areas throughout Central Missouri, such as Sedalia, Columbia, Jefferson City and others, educating individuals on job programs they could engage in.
During his presentation to the chamber he passed out materials with options offered to the citizens of California and Moniteau County. He emphasized groups who work closely with the Missouri Job Center such as the U.S. military and its career skills program.
He said in this program any individual from the area who joined the military can actually come back to Moniteau County and can be set up in the career specialty program, Skillbridge. During which they would learn job skills while still a part of the military for three months.
Brisely would give out the name of a company or business and set up a training plan for individuals enlisted in the program. They would then work for the company for free while learning job skills. He said once their training is complete individuals usually are hired for full-time positions in their field.
Other materials given to the chamber included information about the Missouri Job Center’s On-the-Job Training program; the Show-Me Heroes’ On-the-Job Training program; the Missouri Federal Bonding Program; the Work Opportunity Tax Credit; the Missouri Job Center’s Incumbent Worker Training program; the Missouri Job Center’s On-The-Job Training and Apprenticeship program; the Missouri Job Center’s Coursera program; The CompTIA Mentored Learning Program; and the ACT WorkKey’s National Career Readiness Certificate.
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