Complete Italian Course: Learn Italian for Beginners Level 1


Summary, Description

You will learn in just a few hours in this course what you will usually spend a semester studying at university! You’ll learn during our lessons:

Plenty and lots of words
Useful regular phrases
Specific Structures of Sentences
Most beginner courses don’t teach simple grammar rules,


You will be able to: After taking this course:

Greet people and show yourself formally as well as casually,
Pronounce terms properly without first hearing them
Count between 1 and 1,000
Read the menu at a restaurant
Order food and beverages

For whom this course is intended:
You have covered this course for anyone who wants to start learning Italian for any reason – travel, business, dating, studies, or something else.
Anyone who wants to advance their Italian language journey quickly – in a way that is easy, fun and fast
This course is designed in a way that is easy to understand for any individual willing to learn from people in any age group, from children to adults.


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