Delhi CM Kejriwal launches programme to offer free yoga classes. Details here | Mint – Mint


The Chief Minister said many people in other countries even practice it
Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal launched the ‘Dilli ki Yogshala’ programme at Delhi Secretariat on Monday to provide free of cost yoga classes to people in the national capital from January 2022.
While addressing the gathering during the programme, the Chief Minister said, “At our current capacity of 400 yoga instructors, at least 20,000 people in Delhi will practice Yoga under the Yogshala programme.”
“Over the past seven years, the Delhi government has carried out various experiments in the field of governance. Once again we are introducing a new public interest scheme. We developed a lot of hospitals and Mohalla Clinics in Delhi and reformed the health sector,” Kejriwal said.
“The experiment we are launching today is taking even a step further to prevent people in Delhi from falling ill, from requiring treatment in the first place,” he said.
Highlighting that yoga is India’s gift to the entire world, the Chief Minister said many people in other countries even practice it, but we have lost its importance in our everyday lives.
Speaking further, Kejriwal said “When we launched the Happiness Curriculum in government schools, we did not foresee the extent of transformation we would witness in our students. But parents have informed us that their children have become more peaceful and they have seen a change.”
“I believe that once we start these Yoga classes, everyone who participates in these will move towards a peaceful life and see a significant improvement in their health,” he said.
The Chief Minister said, “Most people don’t practice yoga because either they don’t have anyone to teach them or the classes are very expensive and unaffordable. This Dilli Ki Yogshala programme will provide people classes and teachers free of cost.”
“All you need to do is get together a group of 25 people willing to learn Yoga, decide on an open space near your house, like a park or a community hall, and then give us a missed call on 9013585858. The Delhi government will assign a teacher to you. I believe people will enthusiastically take part in large numbers in this program of ours,” he added.
Kejriwal informed that the Delhi government conceptualised the Yogshala programme in February 2021 and passed a budget as well.
“I assumed that after this it would take us 2-3 years before we implement the programme, to train teachers and manage other logistics. But we are here, launching this monumental program today.”
“I believe this initiative is the first of its kind in our country. So just as Delhi’s Mohalla Clinics, free electricity, Tirth Yatra scheme and more were adopted by other states, we hope this Yogshala program will also be appreciated and started in other states,” he added.
On this occasion, Kejriwal also presented Award Certificates to the meritorious Yoga Instructors of Delhi Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research University (DPSRU). 
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