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With the advent of advanced technologies, career switchers or job seekers can open up their doors to coding and programming professions which are key growth areas in 2021 as they continue to expand further. Offering a variety of benefits, learning to code can be affordable with tons of free resources available and here we have compiled for you a list of top coding courses with some amazing discounts and happy saving free certification courses at Udemy at 97% off.
Get Started with Top Free Coding Courses Online
Coding is a skill that can never go wrong and to stay on top of technology trends, online education providers like Udemy, Coursera, Unacademy, and the like can help you on your journey to achieve your goals in nearly any technical domain without breaking the bank.
This free online coding website is perfect for those who haven’t got a clue where to start. Beginners can learn free coding with all the step-by-step programs with free coding tutorials to capture the opportunities that are waiting for you. Dive into the courses that teach you everything from HTML & CSS, Python, Rubt, and C++
Another trustworthy platform to build the skills of the future today is Udemy that hosts around 800+ programs of fundamentals that will make you a pro in coding covering introductory Python, coding in Javascript, WordPress and Android development. With most of the courses available for free, some are attainable at a fee, but by redeeming them using the Udemy coupons they are easily affordable. Kickstart your learning of Android developer from scratch with the introductory course covering 21 lectures which are taught via video lessons from introduction to writing codes with full-time access through mobile or TV.
With so much to explore and Python being the core entity of data analytics, this free course at Coursera is actually one of the very best around. With the course completed in 8 months, one can get to write the basic Python programs on their own. Their learning process usually is a mix of reading material, video content, quizzes, exercises, and participants forums. The online learning platform offers courses from some of the leading universities like the University of Michigan, University of Colorado as well as top companies like Google, IBM, and more.
Another Stalwart in the domain of digital learning is the Khan Academy, offering beginner-friendly resources to coding for free. Without any second thought, pursuing a coding course is worth consideration, although the options are limited, the courses on hand are designed to ensure that the aspirants get their hands on the best programming resources while becoming well-versed in the know-how of computer coding. With an easily approachable website, their courses are modeled on the way computer science is taught at Indian schools. The courses at Khan academy are accessible for free for now for students with fun coding challenges for beginning programmers everywhere.
Next on our list is Edx that works with world-class universities like Harvard and NYU with courses offered for free which definitely you wouldn’t want to miss. With some of the top courses in the computer science category, one can pick subject-specific programming courses as well, like website building, data structures, or software engineering. All programs include interactive learning exercises, short videos, video tutorials with online textbooks, and a forum where students can reach out to teaching assistants. Students enrolled in the free track sessions will have access to all the study material until the specified expiration date.
Other courses that are highly sought after are the introductory programming courses in data science, basic programming, Java, MATLAB, and more at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Although the study material may be conventional, academically it is best to learn your coding from here, and furthermore, it is absolutely free. Novices stuck at home during the ongoing pandemic can enroll in the programs, however, OpenCourseware doesn’t offer certifications and degrees like the other online education providers.
Aspiring candidates can have a ball of a time by benefitting from the free coding classes at Unacademy which has joined hands with Code Chef to bring you the best in competitive programming. With no language barrier, discover great coding classes that work best for you. A program that’s more than just classes, go in for the CP course, one of the best in terms of knowledge. Although, this course comes at a great price but can become affordable with the active coupon discounts to get up to 60% off on online courses.
Online learning has become the new norm during the lockdown and with so much to offer, move towards steering the path of development and progress while taking your career to new heights and exploring new avenues from a wide range of courses to ace your dream. Keep an eye for the deals if you have an insatiable curiosity and thirst for knowledge while striving to achieve success.