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Professional guidance to become a successful DevOps cloud engineer Average
Blockchain technology has proved to be a blessing in disguise
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Average Salary (per annum): US$120,000
Roles and Responsibilities: Cloud Infrastructure is also known as virtual computing infrastructure that can be accessed through the internet by clients but lacks extensive physical computing infrastructure. A Cloud Infrastructure Engineer helps to create the systems and network required for the computer cloud systems by developing Cloud networks that store data remotely and efficiently. The candidate needs to understand the needs of clients to effectively use Cloud computing technology and change routers as well as software. The candidate also is required to provide innovative and robust Cloud-centric solutions as well as design, optimise and document the operational aspects of the Cloud platform.
Cloud Computing Online Training Course from LinkedIn Learning: LinkedIn offers real-world architecture and teaches how to write code to deploy it with AWS, CDK and Python. The certified course covers Cloud Formation infrastructure, setting up the AWK CDK as well as writing infrastructure as code in Python.
Certificate in Cloud Computing from upGrad: upGrad offers an advanced certificate programme in Cloud computing to teach Cloud-native applications with microservices. The duration is 7.5 months with more than 250 hours of content for working professionals.
Cloud Computing with AWS from Udemy: Udemy offers a beginner’s guide to learn Cloud computing with AWS through almost 3 hours of on-demand video. The course covers how to create virtual servers in the Cloud, configure monitoring services and set up load balancer as well as auto-scaling of existing infrastructure.
Hitachi: Hitachi is one of the leading electronics companies across the world that responds to the needs and wants of customers through technology and innovation. The aim is to apply expertise in IT, operational technology and different kinds of products to advance social infrastructure systems. It is centred around five growth sectors like mobility, smart life, industry, energy and IT.
TCS: TCS helps clients to create a stable future with tech expertise and business intelligence to deliver results. The customer experience defines the brand, analytics, innovation and insights through long-term partnerships and collaborative innovation. Global Network Delivery Model combines international expertise with local intelligence to generate custom solutions.
Sony: Sony is focused on filling the world with emotion through the power of creativity and technology. Sony continues to create new values as products, content and services on the digital media for empowering diverse businesses through technology. It connects multiple businesses through technology and agent processing.
Cognizant: Cognizant is one of the world’s leading professional services companies focused on transforming business, operating and technology models of clients with unique industry-based and consultative approaches. It helps to leverage the Cloud in creating a unique customer experience in a cut-throat competitive world. It transforms applications, 2D and 3D seismic data and infrastructure to meet the needs of enterprises. TGS selected BigDecisions data analytics platform on AWS public Cloud that offers access to insights through a searchable and real-time catalogue.
PwC: PwC is focused on building trust in society by solving important and complex problems across 155 countries. The mission is to create, develop and sustain a culture of open innovation in the era of digital business and rapid technological change. The team co-creates more user-friendly services and products to solve certain problems.

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