Free Classes For Autistic Students In Labasa – Fiji Sun Online


The Rotary Club of Labasa has undertaken an initia­tive to assist children living with autism in Vanua Levu aware­ness.
Unfortunately, children living with autism in Vanua Levu must travel to Viti Levu for support at the Frank Hilton Organisation.
Rotary Club Labasa president Edwin Chand said he had numer­ous requests from parents of these children in Vanua Levu to address this spectrum and they needed as­sistance.
The club liaised with specialised teachers to assess and assist these children.
“We are facilitating teachers for the next five weeks beginning on June 18 at Labasa School for Spe­cial Education,” Mr Chand said.
The class will begin from 10am to 12pm, then half an hour break for lunch before starting the second session from 12:30pm to 2:30pm.
He said there won’t be any fees levied on the students.
“We have done awareness on this and during the orientation last Saturday only ten children attend­ed,” he said.
“We want parents to come for­ward so that their children can get access to the assistance.”
He said anyone willing to assist the club to make the programme successful can contribute towards donations for refreshments for the students.
There are varying spectrums of autism and most can be addressed through specialised training pro­vided by trained professionals.
Autism is a condition that affects how a person thinks, feels, inter­acts with others, and experiences their environment.
Every autistic person is differ­ent from every other. Therefore, autism is described as a spectrum.
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