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There’s good news for those aspiring to enroll at the prestigious Harvard University. The university is offering as many as 64 courses free of cost at its online platform, amid the coronavirus lockdown. Thanks to technology, anyone from any part of the world can take these courses.
From game development to studying and understanding religious content to Shakespeare’s plays and data science and visualisation, a wide variety of courses are available at the website: online-learning.harvard.edu.
For those with a technical bent of mind, some of the most popular courses are web programming with Python and JavaScript, introduction to game development, introduction to computer science, and mobile app development with react native. These are 11-13 week-long courses.
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Principles, statistical and computational tools for reproducible science is a tool to support data and reproducible research. It is an eight-week course. It not only teaches about key elements of proving data and statistical methods for reproducible data analysis but also teaches learners how to develop new methods and tools for reproducible research and reporting and how to write their own paper.
To know more about Data Science, one can pursue two to eight week-long courses from data science capstone, data science probability to data science inference and modelling and data science productive tools. Data Science R basics course builds a foundation in R, how to wrangle, analyse and visualise data. There are also specific courses on data science wrangling, data science linear regression, data science machine learning, among others.
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There are several unique courses for those interested in medicine and allied streams. Lessons from Ebola: Preventing the Next Pandemic could be a way to analyse an outbreak and the ways which did and did not work to contain it. ‘The FDA and prescription drugs: current controversies in context’ explores the debates on drug cost, marketing and testing. Courses like ‘Improving global health: focusing on quality and safety’, ‘the health effects of climate change’.
Other interesting courses include one on communication, another on teaching students and understanding them. Also, a series of courses on learning different religions through its scriptures including Hinduism, Islam and Sikhism. There are several courses on China and its regime. Several courses on law, entrepreneurship, economics, science, mathematics and teaching are also available. To find the right programme for yourself, log in to online-learning.harvard.edu and search for free online courses.
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