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As soon as one enters college, there is unsolicited pressure from peers and the college environment that makes one want to indulge in a plethora of activities and initiatives as if this is the very last opportunity to choose what you like and what you want to do. Though we won’t deny the relevance of college academics in moulding your future, it certainly isn’t the only aspect that matters. The college years are the phase that gives you a platform to immerse yourself in trial-and-error procedures to find what suits you the most. In this hustle, there are certain things that one can try out to enhance their curriculum vitae. This article aims to provide a little direction and clarity as to what all freshers can do if they are confused about what to try as they enter college.
The CV can be moulded by the way you present it using the right words and sentences, but it lacks strength unless you add some value to it. That value in your CV is added by internships. While it may be difficult to find paid internships relevant to your course, you can (and should) always be open to exploring different fields. You can always go for a role that seems suitable to you and just work to get corporate experience. Roles like that of a content writer, digital marketer, graphic designer, public relations intern, and event management intern are some of the commonly available positions. Remember to thoroughly research the internship role’s clauses and responsibilities, as well as whether it fits your schedule. Also, be very careful when picking internships and refrain from working at organisations that make you pay for their internship or overexploit your abilities with no proper pay or incentive.
College years are all about learning through unique experiences to find out what’s best for you. So sign up for any extracurricular courses that you believe will benefit your academics or simply because you are interested in the field and want to learn more about it. You can take up any basic skill development course as well, like a course on proficiency in MS Excel or Adobe. Including some course certificates on your CV gives your employer the impression that you’re a quick learner who is well-versed in the fundamental tools used in their industry. There are several free and worthwhile online courses available on platforms like Google and Coursera as well. Consider giving them a shot.
If you’re an academically oriented person, then this is one of the best options for you. Write articles and research essays on the subjects that you’re interested in. Streamline a theme of your choice, narrow it down, and do your little research on that. Consult your professors and peers about the paper you’ll be writing and work on the feedback to build strong analytical skills. You can also attend several seminars and webinars relevant to your theme around the college and university and gain insights from them. With the right aid and facilities, you can also get your paper published in a good journal! Remember to do good research on the type of journal you want your paper to be published in and go for it! A good research paper adds a lot of value to your CV.
Explore the various college clubs and societies that are present and join them. Societies can be a great place to enhance and build your connections, give you an escape from academics, and give you a space to work on the things you love. There is a range of societies and clubs you can join, like photography clubs, literary societies, writing and reading clubs, dance societies, music societies, and many more. Societies also add an edge to your CV, suggesting that you are also engaged in co-curricular activities at college besides your academics. However, make sure to join societies in which you are genuinely interested and those that help you develop relevant skills. Be wary of clubs that take your money or labor while providing no required learning experience.
Knowing different languages makes you an excellent asset for any organisation. Therefore, if you’re a quick learner and love to explore different cultures, then learning a new language will help you in the future. You can choose to learn it yourself using the internet or enrol yourself in a course. Multilingual fluency reflected in your CV makes a good impression and is always helpful for any company you join. 
And this is it! Just a reminder that these are simply suggestions and are not compulsory for everyone. As a fresher, you have the freedom and privilege to explore diverse fields and pave your way. These suggestions are simply to provide clarity and a little direction to your confused self. Moreover, you need not do all of them at the same time. Take them up one by one gradually while you keep exploring the various options simultaneously to avoid being overwhelmed. Lastly, all the very best for the journey that lies ahead of you! You’ll eventually be able to make it through.
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