IIT Ropar Invites Applications from Punjab School Students for Free Online Courses in Artificial Intelligence – DATAQUEST


IIT Ropar has invited applications from Punjab school students for free online courses in artificial intelligence and data science. This initiative has been launched by IIT Ropar in partnership with Punjab Skill Development Mission, Government of Punjab. School students who have cleared 12th standard with Mathematics as a specialization, and clear an online A-DSAT exam can enroll for the course for free.
There are two courses being offered at present under the initiative, an L2 course which is 4 weeks long and an L3 course which is 12 weeks long. Participants who wish to take the course will have to clear an online A-DSAT test, and will be given certificates from IIT Ropar upon successfully completing the courses. Students who complete L2 Program will be selected for L3 Program.
The 4 week L2 course is a module-based program which student can opt as per their interest of areas like computer vision, natural language processing, and others, and the 12 week L3 course will build confidence and develop experience in tackling real-world problems with case studies and helps in understanding how to manage real-world artificial intelligence. Some of the topics that will be covered are as follows:
Students will be given the following assistance during and after completing the online courses on artificial intelligence:
The courses will begin in the first week of July, therefore interested students will have to register on the official page prior to that.
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