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A little known fact about Sonoma State’s Campus Recreation Center is that, aside from the run of the mill sports and activities that are widely advertised, they also host a variety of yoga classes each week. Classes are completely free to students, beginner friendly, and a great way to relieve some stress during a hard week of classes.
InMotion yoga classes are typically taught by SSU students or alumni, but the position is open to anyone with past experience. Instructors welcome all levels of yoga experience, and they will often include modifications for those looking for more advanced or beginner movements. The Rec Center’s website states, “…group classes that allow members to participate in instructed fitness. These classes are a great way to stay active, have fun and meet new people.”
While yoga classes are definitely a great way to stay active and get moving, they’re also a great way to practice meditative movement and stress relief. Yoga is frequently used in practicing stress relief, and it can help one become more in tune with their body, thus making one more aware when they’re being overworked. 
According to yoga instructor Doshia Dodd, “Yoga helped me heal old wounds, taught me how to truly love myself and the importance of self-care. This practice has been a positive factor in my life and I became a teacher to share this platform with others in hopes it would be a positive impact on one of my students’ lives as well.”
There are three types of yoga offered at the Rec Center: Buti yoga, traditional yoga, and Vinyasa yoga. 
Buti style yoga focuses on movement and is more fast-paced than traditional yoga classes tend to be, as it incorporates some dance-like elements and puts emphasis on building strength. The Rec Center website describes Buti yoga as: “A high-intensity fusion of power yoga, cardio-intensive tribal dance, conditioning, and deep abdominal work.”
The normal yoga classes are more centered on relaxation and meditation. The Rec Center describes them as, “An ancient art based on a harmonizing system of development for the body, mind, and spirit.”
Vinyasa yoga is similar to classic yoga, just with more emphasis on the breath and learning how breathing affects movement. It is essentially, “A breath-centered practice where postures are coordinated to flow from one pose to the next,” as stated on the Rec Center website. 
Classes are normally located on the second floor of the Rec Center in either the Niagra or Silver Strand studios. Currently, classes are held every Tuesday and Thursday morning from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. until the last day of the Fall semester. There is no need to sign up, as long as participants are current students or paid members of the Rec Center. The class schedule changes each semester, so to stay up to date on the calendar and to find more information, visit

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