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GIZ has launched a new e-learning course on mental health and wellbeing through sport, the first of its kind. Sign up today!
GIZ is proud to be launching the first e-learning course on mental health and wellbeing and how sport can help you get mentally fit. The one-hour course is aimed at young people from around the world and can be found on the e-learning platform atingi, free of charge.
In these courses participants will learn what stress, anxiety, depression, and bullying is and how to deal with it. Furthermore, participants will learn how to build communication skills, how meditation and breathing exercises can help them get mentally fit, and how to develop self-esteem and resilience to live a healthy life.
The course contains 6 lessons of approximately 10 minutes each. Each lesson begins with a short, animated introductory video, with subtitles, on the topic at hand. After watching the video, the participants work through further information on the respective topics and take a quiz on it. Once the participants complete the course, they receive a certificate of participation.
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