Learn Danish for Beginner’s: The Complete Language Course


Summary, Description

In order to become a fluent Danish speaker, learn the grammar, vocabulary and communication skills that you need.

For utter beginners, this course is friendly!

Highlights of the Course:

Lessons 300+

Twenty-one hours of content

Course FULL HD

To help develop your skills and trust in Danish, you will have access to guided lessons.

To help you master the subject, you can engage in engaging activities.

In Danish, you can learn about daily situations and learn how to communicate in these situations.

Danish grammar is explained in simple terms, so you can learn how to prevent typical errors in Danish grammar.

Complete Danish Course (A1, A2+) from Novice to Lower Intermediate Stage

The following topics will be discussed in this course: Danish speaking, Danish pronunciation, Danish writing, Danish grammar rules and patterns (in beginner-level lessons that are easy to understand), Danish reading, essential Danish vocabulary, Danish listening (at natural speaking rates), and Danish communication skills. The immersive lessons support active learners and can speed up the learning speed with the immersion approach used for teaching Danish.

Innovative and new teaching methods are introduced into this Danish course. In this Danish course, I have structured the lessons to be brief and intensive e-learning sessions.

Start speaking straight away

In a realistic way, I will teach you Danish so that you can quickly use what you have learned to effectively communicate in Danish. Not only will you be listening to the lectures, during each video you will be constantly practising your skills. Every video is immersive, enabling you to plunge right into the Danish language.

Danish Grammar Master

In a simple and intuitive way, the grammar is clarified, so you can build up a sound understanding of how Danish operates. In each grammar lesson, I have many examples, so you will be able to construct your Danish grammar foundations.

(Joystock audio, used with permission)

For whom this course is intended:

Total beginners who want to take their first step towards Danish mastery
Students who, through a language course, have already mastered basic Danish and wish to develop their abilities
Danish students who want to continue studying Danish


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