Learning & Development in HRM


Summary, Description

In HRM Core Learnings, learning & development:

· How to do an overview of training needs and determine existing and potential training needs within the company

· Ways of selecting teaching methods and technologies suitable for the learner community, as well as the content of training

· How to promote the transition of workplace learning, from curriculum promotion, securing manager and peer support

· How to measure the efficiency of training programmes

· Means of distinguishing methodologies for measuring return on investment in preparation

You can learn when preparation is the best course of action in this course and how you can develop and execute curriculum to meet your training needs. You will do your own research in the process, develop a training schedule, integrate educational activities that promote the transition of learning, and evaluate testing measures and metrics for your curriculum.

Understanding different facets of teaching in the workplace, from study to execution.

In every workplace, preparation and growth play an important part. You will discuss the role of training from a range of stakeholder approaches, both at an individual and organisational level, in this course.

In the office, you will consider the key goals and uses of preparation. The ideas, models and tools used to promote training and learning would also enable you to become acquainted with them.

For whom this course is intended:

  • HR Practitioners
  • Applicants following MBA HR
  • Managers & Managers of Departments
  • Managers with L & D
  • L & D Clinicians


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