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During a recent stream, MSI brought to light some additional details on Intel’s 12th Gen Core CPU design. There are a number of SKUs in the line-up, but there also seems to be different die types depending on the core count. 
During the MSI Insider stream, MSI showed that Alder Lake desktop processors will come with a die featuring 8x P-cores and 8x E-cores or a die packing 6x P-cores. The former will be the bigger one out of the two, measuring 10.5×20.5mm (215mm²). As for the latter, it will measure 10.5×15.5mm (163mm²). Both are smaller than their predecessors, which measured 11.5x24mm (276mm²).

Based on the specifications of the 12th Gen Core processors announced by Intel, all of them should come with 8+8-core dies, as all of them come with at least 4x E-cores. For now, the company hasn’t unveiled any SKU fitting the core configuration of the 6+0-core die, so Intel still has more processors to announce for this line-up. This configuration will likely feature in entry-level Core i5 or Core i3 processors, with 6 P-cores or less and with E-cores removed.
MSI also mentioned how the existence of two types of dies could affect the cooling performance of certain CPU coolers. Besides the difference in size, the die’s location on the PCB also changes, meaning each die will have its hotspot at a different location.
KitGuru says: It might be better for CPU cooler manufacturers to optimise their coolers for 8+8-core dies. CPUs using 6+0-core dies are expected to consume less power, therefore produce less heat. So, cooling issues in these CPUs will be less likely than on 8+8-core dies.
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