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The collection of new ready-to-use AI services for Oracle Cloud infrastructure are available now for applications like speech, vision, analytics and more.

Oracle has announced the availability of six new AI services for its Oracle Cloud Infrastructure platform. Designed for out-of-the-box operation, Oracle said that the new services will “make it easier for developers to apply AI services to their applications without requiring data science expertise,” which is sure to be welcomed by small businesses looking to get into the AI game. 
Many companies take on AI projects without knowing how to actualize their concepts, said Oracle Cloud Platform CTO Greg Pavlik. “It’s essential for organizations to bridge the gap between the promise of AI and implementing AI that helps them achieve real results,” Pavlik said. For many companies, these new services from Oracle are the sort of thing that could help reach their AI goals. 
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Implementation issues like a scarcity of data science expertise, difficulty in properly training AI models, breaking down data silos or simply getting products to work in a live environment are all major reasons why more organizations haven’t leapt into larger AI products, Oracle said. “As a result [of those issues], companies spend valuable time and resources when they need AI that’s consistent, responsive and capable of working in their business applications and operational environments to deliver actionable results,” Oracle said. 
The six new AI services are fully managed parts of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, and can be pre-trained on business-oriented data or trained in-house on an organization’s own data. The services cover the following use cases:
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Oracle is hosting a webinar on November 3, 2021 at 1 p.m. eastern time that will cover the new products, and interested parties can learn more at Oracle’s AI and machine learning page
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