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Friday, November 18, 2022

The State Council of Higher Education for Virginia announced the launch of two free online courses Nov. 14.
The courses are “Developing an Internship Program,” which is targeted to employers, and “Developing Career Readiness Skills,” which is targeted to students. Both courses are self-paced asynchronous courses.
“Developing an Internship Program” is a series of modules meant to help employers at small to mid-sized businesses develop and implement internship programs. “Developing Career Readiness Skills” is another modular course directed to students, to help them develop skills through goal-setting.
The courses are the first two in a series of planned releases which will cover topics related to internship and career success. A “student internship toolkit” is slated for future release and will teach students how to obtain and succeed in internships.
Both courses are available at the Virginia Talent + Opportunity Partnership website. The Virginia Talent + Opportunity Partnership is a program funded by the General Assembly of Virginia and SCHEV. It started in 2020, and works to expand paid and credit-bearing internships and work-based learning experiences while partnering with Virginia employers.
“These free online resources, combined with one-on-one and small-group support provided by V-TOP’s regional grantees and their partners, will support the recruitment of new employer partners interested in hosting interns,” said SCHEV director Peter Blake in a press release.
Regional grantees are higher education institutions who have received grants from SCHEV. They are the University of Mary Washington, Virginia Tech, Virginia Commonwealth University, Old Dominion University, and University of Virginia. SCHEV will offer four more grants by 2024, for a total of nine.
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