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A strong online community can be a powerful asset to your brand. Here are some of the best community management courses.
For any business, an engaged online community can be of great value. But creating, engaging, and growing these communities can be a challenge.
There are, however, several courses you can attend to learn the secrets of community management. Below, we’ve listed down the seven best courses for community management.
Meta has an e-learning program called Meta Blueprint that makes it easier for everyone to learn digital marketing. The courses here are free, so anyone and everyone can enroll in them.
For community management, Meta Blueprint has eight short courses on different aspects of community management. These include building communities, creating strategies, making a solid content plan, and engaging and moderating them.
Moreover, these courses will teach you how to analyze the performance of your content, build brand partnerships, and keep your community safe from hate, harassment, and misinformation.
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After completing courses, you can also get certification from Facebook to become a certified community manager. Moreover, you can join the Facebook Community Manager Certification Learning Group and interact with other community managers.
The Community Roundtable was founded in 2009 to equip professionals with necessary community management skills. They conduct training and events and provide the necessary resources to help community managers.
The Community Roundtable has eight online courses available on its website. These teach students about the basics of community management, its models, and community management for associations. Moreover, they offer training for internal and external community management.
Only the Community 101 | Community Frameworks and Models course is free, while all others cost either $495 or $995.
If you’re serious about community management, you can join The CR network for around $2000 per year to get access to a huge library of resources, including these courses, and network with other community managers.
Introduction to Online Community Management is an hour-long course available on Udemy. This course has been created by Standing on Giants, an online community agency.
This course covers the basics of online community management. So whether you are an aspiring community manager or have just stepped into this field, this course can surely help you in your goals. This course has three instructors: Kristie, Elisa, and Toby-all experienced community professionals.
This course will inform you about the role of a community manager, share tips about engaging your community, and teach you how to get through tricky situations.
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With a 4.5/5 rating on Udemy, Introduction to Online Community Management has positive reviews. For $30, you get lifetime access to this course, a certificate, and a downloadable workbook. For anyone willing to start a career in community management or upskill, this course can be helpful.
FeverBee is an online community consultancy that provides advice, insights, and training to businesses for building better communities. Moreover, it offers multiple online courses on its website.
The different courses available here help you understand the psychology of a community, build an engaging community, and create advanced strategies for managing it. More than a thousand community managers have enrolled in FeverBee courses.
If you struggle engaging people in your community, you can enroll in the Advanced Engagement Methods course. You can view the details and the course content of each course to understand exactly what you’ll be learning.
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FeverBee also has courses on community management in the German language. The price of these courses varies drastically, from $300 to nearly $3500. Considering their experience in this field, these courses can surely teach you the lesser-known community management tactics.
As a network of community professionals, CMX aims to help businesses grow by developing communities. There are tons of resources on their website, including the CMX Academy.
CMX Academy currently offers two training programs to help you build and engage communities. The C2C Event Program Playbook is a beginner-level course that teaches how to host events for your communities.
The Community MBA is designed for beginner and intermediate community professionals. David Spinks, the founder of CMX, is the instructor of this course. This course covers different aspects of building communities and using them to grow businesses. Along with the on-demand videos, CMX provides worksheets and activities to make learning engaging.
The price for each of these courses is nearly $500. But CMX also offers full or partial discounts through its scholarship program and makes its training accessible to all.
Build an Engaged Online Community is a beginner-level yet comprehensive course by Phil Ebiner on community management.
This course covers building, engaging, and growing your communities. Phil also guides you on the best types of posts to engage your community, how to create them, and how to automate posting. Best of all, he recommends free tools and apps to make your job easier.
This self-paced course has 14 videos that take around 100 minutes to complete. Moreover, it lets you download a workbook for community building. Since it’s a beginner-level course, there are no prerequisites other than a willingness to learn.
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This course has great ratings and reviews on both Udemy and Skillshare. Phil Ebiner is a top-rate instructor on Udemy with over 2 million students, a 4.6 instructor rating.
The course costs around $100 on Udemy, but if you have a Skillshare subscription you can take it there too.
Cornell University also offers online courses on a variety of subjects, including community management. Titled Social Listening and Community Management, the course teaches you to build a social listening system and take an organizational approach to community management.
The course is developed by Rob Kwortnik, associate professor at Cornell University, and Stephanie Cartin, co-founder of Socialfly. Social Listening and Community Management is a two-week-long program. This course is an instructor-led one, which requires a commitment of three to five hours per week.
The course is ideal for anyone in marketing, especially social media. This single course costs $770. But if you’re interested in social media management as a whole, you can enroll in its certificate program, having six related courses for $3600.
Online communities are on the rise, and engaging and growing them can be challenging. However, these courses can teach you tried-and-tested strategies for community management.
Whether you’re looking to pursue a career as a community manager or want to build communities for growing your business, these courses can help you.
If you’re trying to choose an online course, here are eight criteria you can use to make sure you’re making the right choice,
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