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The 7 Best Udemy Courses for Data Protection Officers to Consider for 2021The 7 Best Udemy Courses for Data Protection Officers to Consider for 2021The editors at Solutions Review have compiled this list of the best Udemy courses for data protection officers to consider if you’re looking to grow your skills.
Data protection is a broad field, encompassing backup and disaster recovery, data storage, business continuity, cybersecurity, endpoint management, data privacy, and data loss prevention. Data protection software becomes more essential as the amount of data an enterprise creates and stores continues to grow at ever-increasing rates. The primary goals of a comprehensive data protection strategy are to ensure data privacy and to enable organizations to quickly restore their data after experiencing a disaster.
With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the best Udemy courses for data protection officers to consider if they’re looking to grow their skills for work or play. Udemy is one of the top online education platforms in the world, with more than 130,000 courses, expert instruction, and lifetime access that allows you to learn on your own schedule. As you can see below, we broke the best Udemy courses for data protection officers down into categories based on the recommended proficiency level. Each section also features our inclusion criteria. Click GO TO TRAINING to learn more and register.  

Description: This course provides a comprehensive and practical five-step approach to help you learn to identify and remove and GDPR risk from your organization. The instructors will provide an overview of how to identify business processes that risk breaching GDPR, how to remove those risks, how to develop documentation that will meet the requirements of your management team, and how to make your organization compliant with GDPR requirements. The course also offers hands-n activities such as templates and sample documentation from real-life GDPR compliance projects.

Description: This course makes a clear distinction between data protection and data privacy.  The class is designed to empower students to gain a full understanding of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). By the end of this course, students will be able to make the distinction between privacy, data protection, and data subject rights compliance; list the most important techniques for data controllers to become compliant; ensure that implemented data protection measures are appropriate, and understand the six steps to become data protection compliant.

Description: Get a handle on GDPR by learning through the examples and step-by-step case study scenarios in this course. The instructor outlines how to categorize personal data, create a data protection action plan, draft a cybersecurity protection plan, establish a protocol for managing personal data, and prepare a risk assessment. On the completion of this class, students will understand the legal aspects of GDPR and how to maintain data privacy throughout an entire organization.

Description: This brief course covers the basics of GDPR compliance, data privacy, and data protection. This includes how GDPR regulations are applied in real-world situations, the obligations of a business in relation to personal data, reportable and non-reportable data breaches, and the difference between data protection and data privacy. Additionally, the class offers real-world examples of how regulations can be applied with regard to personal data, as well as information about who is liable if a breach should occur.

Description: This course acts as a guide for GDPR and CCPA compliance, offering free template documents and compliance checklists in addition to preparation for the CIPP/E test. Students do not need any prior knowledge of data protection or GDPR to take this class. Upon completion of this course, students will have gotten an overview of the implications and legal requirements for businesses, including responding to individuals exercising their personal data rights, data protection impact assessments, and data breach reporting.

Description: In taking this course, you will get an overview of the tasks that need to be performed by a data protection officer, how to succeed in a privacy position, what to look for in a data protection officer, and what makes a great data protection officer. Additionally, the course instructor will go over the DPO’s role in GDPR compliance, how to evaluate risk, and perform data protection impact assessments. This class is designed for data privacy professionals, cybersecurity professionals, and newly appointed data privacy officers.

Description: This course from Roland Costea offers a list of 61 templates and documents to help students create their own GDPR program. Students will gain an understanding of lawful processing from a human resources point of view, how to work with cloud service providers, and how to achieve compliance. Taking this course also prepares students for getting their CIPT, CIPM, and CIPP/E certifications by IAPP through the class’ comprehensive learning plan. This course is aimed at GDPR compliance enthusiasts and professionals, as well as lawyers interested in learning more about data privacy.

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