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Udemy, one of the best educational apps existing in the market, has gained a lot of popularity in the last few years. Especially during Covid 19, the Udemy app made it easier for people to learn. Now that we are living in times when smartphones are capable of assisting us with many things, learning is not limited to schools or colleges anymore.
A data by Apple states that there were 80,000 iOS apps in the Apple App Store in 2016. This number is evidence of the hardship that might occur to pick the one that suits you the best. Thus, we have decided to solve this problem for you.
In this blog, we are discussing the in-depth Udemy app review so that you can know if the app suits you or not. We will discuss its features along with the elements that we considered to rate it overall. Now, if this Udemy review is something that you were looking for, stick to this blog until the very end and you might find it super useful.
Before proceeding further, let’s discuss the background of the Udemy app. Udemy began its journey in 2007 from Turkey when Eren Bali and Oktay Caglar built a virtual classroom software. The product was made free for everyone to use. Later, both partners established a company in Silicon Valley. The official site of the Udemy app came into existence in 2010.
The Udemy classes had 10,000 users, 1,000 certified lecturers, and over 2,000 courses for its users. It happened after they self-started Udemy (The Academy of You) in May 2010 after being rejected for investments more than 30 times.
But the idea had potential and after establishing a network of 10,000 users successfully- they attempted to gain the investments. In August, they secured a $1 million venture funding. Following this, In October month of 2011, the Udemy online courses successfully raised another funding of $3 million. By November 2020, Udemy free courses had touched a valuation of $3.25 billion after raising additional funding of $50 million.
Moving further, we are focusing on the major features of the Udemy app. These features will cover crucial elements that make this one of the best learning apps, the best choice for learners.
Udemy app
If you are pursuing any course or just want to enhance your knowledge about a subject, Udemy classes will help you. The app includes audio and video lectures for more than 3400 courses of different streams. You can learn about SEO, Python, History, and more within a single app. Moreover, the Udemy video downloader will let you stream videos faster.
To make sure your favorite courses remain easier to find, you can mark them as favorites. Or once you are done with a course, you can keep them in the archive and find them later as well if you want to revise. To find a relevant course, you will only need to use the related term in the search bar.
Udemy app
The Udemy video downloader software helps you in keeping your preferred learning videos offline so that you can access them even without an internet connection. You can also choose the preferred download resolution for a better experience or to save the data.
Udemy app
The Q&A feature of the Udemy app allows you to interact with lecturers. This important feature for the Udemy app review makes sure that you have all the guidance you need. You can directly contact your lecturer.
Udemy app
Learning could be a long process; some people love to study at night as it’s peaceful. Thus, the Udemy review mandates to talk about the Dark Mode feature. This feature turns the Udemy UI into a black screen and provides your eyes some protection against the harmful rays of the screen.
You can go through Udemy course reviews before you pick the one that suits you best. These Udemy app reviews are shared by Udemy’s real users. Thus, you can consider them to make up your mind.
Moreover, as an Udemy app user, you can also publish your Udemy reviews and help other learners. These reviews are also crucial for lecturers to convince users to use their courses.
Udemy app
If you have a teaching background and you meet the criteria of Udemy for business, then you can join the company as a lecturer. This opportunity will help you in making some extra bucks with educational videos.
Now, we will look at a few pros of this app along with its Cons.
Additional Information for the Udemy app
Additional Information
User Interface– 4.7
Features– 4.8
Pricing– 4.5
Security– 4.6
Udemy is a perfect tool for learning enthusiasts and experts as well. If a working professional wants to learn new skills and get a promotion in their career, Udemy is a good deal. Now, compared to its competitors, even Premium packages are not that costly.
This review has been done after a thorough analysis of the Udemy app and its features. If you are a developer and want to get your app reviewed as well- you can contact MobileAppDaily. These kinds of reviews do well for the marketing of your mobile app. Moreover, you get to know if your app has flaws that could be taken care of.
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