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Alfredo Bosi Chair of Basic Education at USP will promote two more mini-courses this week. This Tuesday, the 18th, at 7 pm, the theme will be The Use of Research to Improve Educational Policies and Language Learning Practices , with professors Alexsandro Santos and Beatriz Cardoso. On Thursday, the 20th, also at 7:30 pm, the event is entitled Frankenstein: Reconnecting and Producing Knowledge and Technologies at the Meeting between Natural Sciences and Culture , with the participation of professors Jorge Ferreira Franco, Leandro Gaffo and Marina Costin Fuser.
In Tuesday’s mini-course, the proposal is to discuss the relationship between academic production/scientific research, the process of formulating and implementing educational policies and school practices. “We will present a ‘photograph’ extracted from the analysis of a questionnaire applied to a sample of public school teachers”, inform the teachers responsible for the mini-course. “Next, we will problematize and explore paths that dialogue with more systemic and collaborative approaches, in order to mobilize reflection and present some paths that have been trodden in the perspective of a more dialogic and critical integration between the production of knowledge in research and the demands and questions that educational policies and pedagogical practices propose.”

​On Thursday, the mini-course will be based on the speculative philosophy of Donna Haraway, Gregory Bateson and other authors who challenge the nature-culture binomial. “We have as our motto the creature of Frankenstein, the obstinate scientist, who is dazzled by the possibility of playing God through scientific experimentation that whistles about life and death, and gradually disconnects from human bonds, transforming himself into a cold and calculating monster, which abandons its offspring to its own fate”, highlight the professors who will teach the mini-course. “Here come into play the speculative philosophy on life in the face of new technologies and a whole ethical-political issue about the place of the scientist who flirts with the possibility of becoming Homo-God, as the historian Yuval Noah Harari suggests, but has already is in Nietzsche, when he declares that God would be dead, since he would have been replaced by the pride of science. The intention here is not to kill God once more, but to give Frankenstein possibilities of existence based on new connections between the human and the technological, between nature and culture, between anthropocentrism and coexistence in a multiple key.”

The mini-courses The Use of Research to Improve Educational Policies and Language Learning Practices and Frankenstein: Reconnecting and Producing Knowledge and Technologies in the Encounter between Natural Sciences and Culture , promoted by the Alfredo Bosi Chair of Basic Education at USP, will be held , respectively, on Tuesday, the 18th, and on Thursday, the 20th, always at 7:30 pm, on the chair’s channel on the Youtube platform . Free of charge. There is no need to register. Those interested in receiving a certificate of participation should obtain information at this link . More information is available on the website of the Alfredo Bosi Chair of Basic Education at USP .
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