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The government of New Zealand updated its procedures for medical certificate requests. The government stated that foreign nationals applying for visitor visas, 2021 Resident visas, or an Accredited Employer Work Visa will only be required to provide proof of medical certificates if the government of New Zealand requests these documents.
If an applicant is requested to provide proof of a medical certificate, applicants will be able to view the status of their application and document processing through the online application status checker. Once the application has been processed, the government will reach out if any further information is required.
The applicant's status requesting a medical certificate may not change if the government also requires a New Zealand Police Certificate or a National Security Check. Once these documents have been collected and verified, the government will update the online status of the application.
The government of New Zealand provided further information on the medical certificate phase of certain immigration document types. According to the government, these efforts are aimed at reducing visa processing delays and clarifying requirements for foreign national applicants.
Originally published OCTOBER 25, 2022
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