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This article will list our community developers opinions about developing 2d games instead of 3d games for mobile.
First of all, we want to share with you our course on professional 2D games development for android and ios that let you design, develop, monetize, get traffic to your app with a complete step by step tutorials including the detailed publishing steps for different markets for different platforms including play store, unity asset store with new updated contents every month
The main reasons behind the choice to develop 2d games:

1. Familiarity and Lack of Special 3D Skills
3D games development requires additional skills for programmers, and additional skills for artists. Making 3D content requires many of technical and artistic skills and in depth knowledge in the 3d tools. Sure, anybody can learn it… but it takes time and practice. So there are simply more people with the skills to put together a 2D game than a 3D game.
2. Ease (and Speed) of Development
Making a 2D game is generally easier and faster than making a 3D game…
3.We Write What We Love
Today’s indies games developer used to play old 2d games of the Nintendo and Sega generations, and those old 2d games inspired them tend to be the classics of those home consoles. That’s might be the reason a plethora of 2D platformers right now – that was the dominant genre of the late 80’s and early 90’s when many of these developers were introduced to the medium. Those were the games that fueled their creativity and imagination, and so we’re seeing a new generation of games that are running with those classic 2d based concepts.
4. Lack of Mainstream Competition
With the Great 3D Migration of the 1990s, most publishers abandoned 2D technology and 2D game styles. That means no competition from the mainstream developers. That means there’s plenty of room for indies 2d games developers to play, and plenty of demand that might not suit a AAA publisher’s mass-market requirements, but which are perfectly awesome for indies. So, naturally, indies go there.
5. Cheaper Multi-platform and Development Costs
Going 2D is a far cheaper route to releasing a game on the largest number of platforms possible, like we did in our unity 2d development course we you can develop once and distribute many! For you game on different platforms such as IOS and Android for the same game.
6. New gaming style 2.5D
Where 2D gameplay is represented with 3D models but doesn’t really use the 3D space.
7. Smaller Team and optimal for startups
Any high quality 2d game requires some of the key factors, in my opinion the 2d game quality is based on the artistic touch from the 2d artist, development and graphic design can be handled well if a good 2d artist exists in the team, because development and design of the 2d games can be learned very easily as we proved in our 2d course here.So if you want to start your own business in 2d games, make sure you have the following combination in your team:
* UI/UX Designer
* Concept Artist
* Talented 2D Artist
* Story Writer (to write a small intro story for the game)
* Sound & Music Composer (to create some sound effects and background music)
* Marketing
* Game Developer
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