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One-on-one guitar lessons remain a popular way to learn how to play, but the pandemic definitely taught us that online learning can be just as functional. Plus, it’s super helpful for musicians with busy schedules or for anyone who can’t travel to a teacher. Regardless of level, these are the best online guitar lessons for anyone looking to learn from home. They’re computer, tablet, and even smartphone-friendly options for easy learning. Devote time to lessons (and practice) every day and you’ll be surprised by how much you’ve learned. You’ll be playing your favorite songs in no time.
We’re big fans of Guitareo at American Songwriter. There are currently 10 levels packed with 7+ lessons. Each lesson is made to be easy to digest as a beginner guitarist so you can reach your goals faster. Also, ditch searching the web for chord charts. Guitareo has songs from your favorite artists. Pick from metal, rock, folk, pop, country, and more genres. You’re billed $240 a year for Guitareo, which is a great deal. Considering the fact that you’ll have access to guitar teachers for live lessons and questions along with endless access to rewatch lessons, it’s well worth it.
Fender Play is a popular lesson option amongst beginners. Whether you’re learning acoustic or electric guitar, you’ll learn all the basics for playing country, rock, pop, blues, folk, and more. As someone who is learning drums right now and has abandoned the guitar (whoops), I’d give Fender Play a shot if I wanted to jump back into it. It’s $20 per month and you can start a free trial. Affordable and short step-by-step tutorials sound great for anyone looking to play in their free time.
Looking for a course offered by the Berklee College of Music? Look no further than Coursera. Some of the best guitarists I’ve met in Los Angeles have studied at Berklee College of Music. Luckily, their curriculum is easily accessible online, and you’ll just need to commit to 4 weeks of learning. This is a great chance for beginners to get a feel for string names, numbers, music notation, and more. You’ll also practice finger-picking and strumming patterns. Each week has 4+ videos and takes 3-4 hours to complete. Be prepared to take quizzes.
Skillshare is a great option if you’d like to pick very specific lessons. There are various guitar lessons, ranging from guitar fundamentals, beginner electric guitar masterclass, solos, and more. There’s truly something for everyone, so whether you’re beginner, intermediate, or advanced, you can filter through classes and find something for you. The music instructors are encouraging and students love the course setup.
Udemy is another great option for those who want to stick to a specific lesson. So, if you’re an intermediate acoustic guitar player who needs lessons, you’ll find some here. If you’re an expert player looking for jazz lessons, you’re at the right place. And of course, if you’re a beginner, you’re going to find lots of beginner-friendly lessons. Click on beginner favorites to find the perfect course for you. (Some are under $20 and you’ll have lifetime access to them).
Enjoy learning. It’s not a race, and repetition is everything. Have fun, you never know where your skills will take you.
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