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Check top medical courses after 12th without NEET 2021
The Healthcare sector in India is growing very rapidly, which is also increasing the career opportunities for those who want to be healthcare professionals.
Regardless of this many of us have an interest in the medical field and want to become one of the best healthcare professionals, it can be anything in the medical field. Keeping this in mind you choose the science field or PCB in your 11th and 12th.
There are lakhs of students in India who apply for admissions for medical courses in prestigious colleges after completing their 12th (PCB) and look for top degree courses after 12th without NEET. 
A lot of students wish to have their careers based on the health care and medical field. This article will enlighten the candidates to choose a professional medical course after 12th without NEET. 
Basically, NEET is a National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET), it is one of the largest medical entrance tests in India. And the students who qualify for the NEET exam have the option to choose from a variety of courses, such as MBBS, BDS, and AYUSH.
However, appearing for NEET and qualifying for this entrance test is not an easy task. It takes years of preparation and dedicated efforts to clear this examination. 
NEET exam also facilitates the allotments of seats in medical colleges of India.
The NEET exam has become more difficult due to the merger of AIIMS and JIPMER in the NEET exam, so aspirants are looking for alternate options for medical courses without NEET. 
Therefore, students across the country must have come across the available options of medical courses after 12th without NEET. Even those who prepare for the NEET exam also, want to know the medical courses without MBBS.  
Many candidates in India want to study in medical colleges but without appearing for the NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test). 
To become eligible for the medical courses available without NEET, the candidates must satisfy the eligibility criteria provided below:
Check the list of top medical courses after 12th without neet in 2021
This course is known as Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology. It is a 3-years undergraduate course. In this course, you will do the combined study of biology and technology to develop or invent products to serve the life of the earth. This B.Sc Biotechnology Course involves the study of genetic manipulation in microorganisms. 
To become a Microbiologist, there is a course in B.Sc Microbiology.  This is a 3-year undergraduate course that deals with studying microorganisms, emphasizing the biology of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and protozoan parasites.
The job opportunities in B.Sc Microbiology candidates are biochemical scientist, clinical research associate, food technologist, and healthcare scientist in the private and public sector with a decent amount of minimum wages.
Anesthesiologists are an integral part of the medical profession. The practice of anesthesia is medically termed anesthesiology. Through injection or inhalation of specific drugs which leads to loss of consciousness and sensation, it helps doctors and surgeons perform the medical operation with much accuracy and expeditiously. An anesthesiologist is well-versed in physiology, pharmacology, and other relevant nuances to support highly technical operations concerning the body’s vital organs.
To become a psychologist students need to study Psychology. It is a study of mind and behavior, is also a very interesting career option. Graduates in Psychology are trained to study the behavior of individuals are communities. After completing the bachelor’s degree, candidates can opt for a career in various fields such as education, military, sports, forensic, legal, and political.  
Pharm course is a professional undergraduate program. It is a degree program of four years duration. B.Pharm course helps in the testing and researching of drugs for a particular disease and giving awareness about the dosage of medications to the patient. Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Biostatistics, Human Anatomy, and Physiology are the significant subjects that come under the B.Pharmacy course.
For Nursing an undergraduate course is available for the students which are B.Sc Nursing. It is a 4 years degree course that deals with nursing and medicine as primary functions and the course aims to enable students to become future nurses and contribute positively to the medical field. This course is available at numerous recognized universities with appropriate recognition from the licensed body. 
Here are some other options to choose from if you are planning to study medical courses after 12th PCB without NEET.
Here, we have prepared a list of courses that you can pursue after 12th PCB and that too without NEET which will help you join a suitable course as per your area of interest.
Medical courses without NEET after 12th along with their job designations and expected average salary.
1- BSc Nutrition and Dietetics/Human Nutrition/Food Technology
Course Duration: 3-4 years
Job Offered: Nutritionist, Food Technologist, and Researcher
Average Salary p.a.: 5 Lakhs
2- BSc Animal Husbandry and Dairying
Course Duration: 3-4 years
Jobs Offered: Agronomist and Agricultural Scientist, these are the most commonly offered jobs.
Average Salary p.a.: 2 Lakhs to 3 Lakhs
3- BSc Cyber Forensics
Course Duration: 3-4 years
Jobs Offered: Forensic Scientist
Average Salary p.a.: 6 Lakhs
4- B.Sc Fisheries
Course Duration: 3 years
Jobs Offered: Marine Biologist and Fisheries Scientist job designations are opted by most who chose to pursue B.Sc Fisheries.
Average Salary p.a: 5 Lakhs to 10 Lakhs
5- BSc Cardiovascular Technology
Course Duration: 4 years
Jobs Offered: Cardiac Technician
Average Salary p.a.: 4 Lakhs to 20 Lakhs
6- BSc Agricultural Science
Course Duration: 4 years
Jobs Offered: Agronomist, Agricultural Scientist & Agribusiness, though many career options are available in this field.
Average Salary p.a.: 5 Lakhs to 9 Lakhs
7- BTech Biomedical Engineering
Course Duration: 4 years
Jobs Offered: Biomedical Engineer
Average Salary p.a.: 6 Lakhs
8- Bachelor of Pharmacy [B.Pharm]
Course Duration: 4 years
Jobs Offered: Pharmacist
Average Salary p.a.: 2 Lakhs to 5 Lakhs
9- Bachelor of Occupational Therapy
Course Duration: 4.5 years
Jobs Offered: Occupational Therapist
Average Salary p.a.: 4 Lakhs
10- BNYS
Course Duration: 4.5 years [1 year additional Internship period]
Jobs Offered: Naturopathy Doctor
Average Salary p.a.: 3 Lakhs to 5 Lakhs
We have mentioned various medical courses without NEET. So, you don’t have to worry if you are not able to clear the NEET examination, your dream to become a healthcare professional is still possible.
However, candidates can also opt for medical research, Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences, Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Technology, Rehabilitation Therapy, Emergency, and Critical Care Technologies, Orthopedic Technology to name a few. 
There are endless opportunities available in front of you, but the most important thing is to choose the right one. Hence, think about all the aspects of any particular course before choosing it, once you are sure about it, go for it.
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