Agile Kanban: Kanban for Software Development Teams


Summary, Description

Kanban is not a lifecycle technique in software creation or an approach to project management.

It requires that a certain procedure is already in operation in order to submit Kanban to

Alter the underlying mechanism incrementally.

David Anderson, Kanban-Kanban

Kanban is a common platform used to execute the implementation of agile and DevOps applications. It calls for real-time capability coordination and full job accountability. On a kanban screen, work objects are physically depicted, allowing team members at every moment to see the status of any piece of work.

A Kanban board is an agile platform for project management designed to help envision work, reduce work-in-progress, and optimise effectiveness.

In their routine job, it will help both agile and DevOps teams maintain order. To support infrastructure and operation teams stick to the necessary amount of work and get it done, Kanban boards use cards, columns, and continual enhancement!

This course will allow you to explore how working with Kanban on an Agile project has advantages for your production team, your end customers, and your business as a whole.

We can describe numerous process flow-related problems, including too much work in advance, resource underuse, long tasks, uneven tasks, etc., using Kanban board presentations that are quick and easy to understand.

Not only can we consider these inefficiencies, we will also overcome them by constantly refining the process flow using the Kanban Board.

This is a list of the subjects in this course that we will cover:

Kanban & Kanban Board launch

Seeking procedure inefficiencies

Restriction in work in advance

Under the usage of Capital

Unequal Functions of Scale

Marking the Tasks

Such Issues/Inefficiencies

Practices from Kanban

To describe Finished

Stand Up Everyday Up

Laws Define

Main Principles in Agile

User Stories, Theme & Epic Knowing & Making

What is the backlog of products?

Difference in Product Roadmap & Product Backlog

Agile’s Advantages & Disadvantages

Why Agile Estimation is performed

In Agile, Why Relative Estimation

T-Shirt & Calculation for Fibonacci

In Agile, Preparation Poker

Comprehension & Production of Burn down Charts

Minimum Commodity Viable

Velocity Squad

This course is perfect for developers of applications, project managers, software leadership, or anybody who may be involved in running an Agile project and providing optimum value to the customers early on.

I hope you like the course, be challenged by it, and learn a great deal. The primary aim is to develop a clear fundamental understanding of the Kanban & Agile concepts.

It is recommended that you go at a rate that makes sense for you to go through the course.
So, I have the resources that are required to get the job done. Ok, let’s do it. I’ll see you in the classroom. Anything the best!
For whom this course is intended:

Anyone who is involved in learning about Agile project management methodology in Kanban
Anyone who is a project manager, project team member, or project stakeholder
Anyone who has just learned the word Kanban and wants to learn more about it


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