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Master programs like Excel or Word It is basic in any company in the world. Much better if you also dominate PowerPoint, because it is the standard when it comes to presenting data in meetings.
If you don’t have any kind of experience with the programs that make up Microsoft Office, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint but also Access, Outlook, OneNote and others, we offer you some of the best courses you can take to dominate Office at God level.
These courses are taught by professional teachers and in some cases by prestigious universities.
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In this case, we focus on learning to use the Office applications, both the 2010 versions that many companies continue to use as they do not require any type of subscription, as well as the most modern versions under Office 365 or the free web versions.
We already know the best courses to learn Microsoft Excel, with these you will not lack resources to get to be God level in Office.
Business consultancy Microsoft Office + Digital Tools
Blanca de Asesoría Digital will teach you how to use everything you need to get the most out of all the Microsoft Office apps for your business.
From the basic use of Excel, formulas, dynamic tables, intelligent filtering, use of Word at an advanced level, PowerPoint and also use other useful tools for the company.
You can access this course for only 16.99 euros on Udemy, but only for a limited time since it usually costs 94.99 euros.
Learn Microsoft Office 365
This course will teach you everything you need to know about Microsoft Office 365. Both the use with the programs offered by the subscription and the most well-known Microsoft programs, as well as the most unknown ones such as Yammer, OneDrive, OneNote and others.
The course is taught by Sonic Performance Support and is intended for people who have used Office 365 before but haven’t gone beyond the basics. The good thing is that it is available on Udemy for less than 17 euros.
Learn Microsoft Office 2010
What if the company you work for is still using Office 2010? It’s not something uncommon, millions of companies continue to use Office 2010 for its stability and because years ago they bought a license and don’t dare to move to new versions.
Not everything is the same in the new versions of Office compared to Office 2010. This course will teach you to master Office 2010 (Word, Power Point, Excel, Access, Outlook) thanks to its 312 videos and 25 hours of content.
You can get it on Udemy for only 16.99 euros and access it for life.
Microsoft Office Essentials for Business
At edX you can find a complete Microsoft Office course applied to the company, taught by the Universitat Poltècnica de València and that costs 135 euros on offer.
It is completely in Spanish and will teach you how to use PowerPoint to achieve effective presentations, manage advanced Word functions, control data and manage tables in Excel.
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