Build 17 Beginner’s Projects with : Python | JavaScript | C#


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It can be both enjoyable and rewarding to learn to code. Being able to write a code that gives the machine a lot of tasks to do is exciting.

This course is bundled in three common and in demand programming languages with hands-on projects: Python | JavaScript and C#.

For those who have little exposure at all to them, I have included a short crash course in these three languages.

For these programming languages, you can learn how to set up your development environment, then create the following projects step by step:

  • Develop a Player for Music
  • Create a drawing software for painting
  • Develop a package for screen savers
  • Build a programme for currency converters
  • Create a browser on the Internet
  • Build a C# calculator
  • Build a programme of word count
  • Develop an interface for a picture slider
  • Develop an interface for the All List
  • Develop an immersive interface for a quiz
  • Create a calculator for loans
  • Create a Calculator with JavaScript
  • Build a digital clock
  • Build a programme for weight transfer
  • Develop an interface for countdowns
  • With Python, create a calculator
  • Develop a programme for a lottery number simulatorYou should be prepared with enough skills to be innovative and create further projects after completing the projects in this class.

    For whom this course is intended:

    Developers for Beginners
    Coders for beginners
    Beginner’s programmers


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