Complete Progressive Web App Bootcamp


Summary, Description

What is a PWA (Progessive Mobile App)?

PWAs are web apps created to allow them to leverage both web and local application highlights using various explicit advancements and standard examples. Web apps, for example, are more discoverable than local applications; accessing a site is much easier and smoother than introducing an application, and by simply submitting a connection, you can even exchange web applications.

Then again, local applications are more aligned with the operating framework and give consumers a more reliable meeting along these lines.

What are you going to learn during this course?

You’ll start working with the very first Progressive Web App (PWA) in this course – a web application that can take advantage of a large amount of local users that have enjoyed highlights. You can also get more interaction in the development of a disconnected web application using Support Employees. Finally, with the Web App Manifest format, you would be able to instal the programme on the client’s home screen.
For whom this course is intended:

Students who want to create a web app that operates offline
Students who wish to build an installable web interface


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