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Summary, Description

Upgrade your English by learning all the verb tenses for the English verbs most used in the Top 50! The basic verb tenses can only be used fluently by many English learners, making their English sound clear and minimal. This course is intended to take you to the next stage and help you learn all the tenses of the English verb so that you can build and use English that is even more nuanced!

Know and master the verb tenses used by native English speakers of the top 50 verbs

For the top 50 English verbs, learn all the Tenses and Uses

For any verb, make the English sound easier with grammar and speech practise activities.

Overview and Contents

There are over 180 lectures and 10 hours of material in this course. It is intended for anyone who wants to develop their English and learn the English verb tenses, regardless of skill level.

You’ll learn all the verb tenses for the top 50 most used English verbs in this course, and you’ll see how they are used in hundreds of real-life instances.

And, along with the teacher, an American Academic, you will be able to improve your grammar and voice by learning and recalling.

And, eventually, with online interactive questions and summary quizzes for each verb, you will be able to quiz yourself.

You will have useful knowledge at the end of this course that will help you easily render complicated English sentences in both your speech and writing. In addition, you can significantly develop your listening abilities, helping you to better understand other speakers of English.

You can also gain access at any time to the teacher (an American Professor). Allowing you to ask questions anytime you want and address English!

For whom this course is intended:

  • Learners of Language
  • Individuals wishing to improve their English

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