Ethical Hacking – Capture the Flag Walkthroughs – V3


Summary, Description

You’ve done the ethical hacking lessons, the instruments and the methodology have been presented to you. This course ties it all together to teach students how to work and achieve root access to an actual pentest. More specifically, using the technique of the hacker, students learn how to execute a pentest.

Before we were able to fly, we learnt to walk, and technologies and pentesting are no different. The purpose of this course is to expose students to skills close to what hackers use in real-life scenarios and to develop a better understanding of how to manipulate vulnerabilities.

Footprinting: the practise of using passive techniques to collect information about the target device before the attack is carried out.

Scanning-the method of gathering information collected from the footprinting step in order to more accurately aim the attack. Port scans, ping sweeps, identification of operating systems, inspection of facilities used by the target and so on are some of the methods used in this process.

Enumeration: to determine its utility, the technique of obtaining more accurate knowledge about the information acquired during the scanning process. User account enumeration, SNMP enumeration, UNIX/Linux enumeration, LDAP enumeration, NTP enumeration, SMTP enumeration, DNS enumeration and so on are some of the methods used throughout this phase.

Device hacking is the practise of preparing and conducting the attack on the basis of data collected in the previous stages. The attacker conducts the actual hacking operation using hacking software in this phase.

Privilege escalation-the method of acquiring rights that are provided to higher privileged accounts than the intruder initially broke into.

Don’t fool yourself! Check out the free preview of the course’s first module. Students have lifetime access and can be added over time to further CTF exercises.
For whom this course is intended:

Those who wish to practise methods for pentesting,
Those who wish to be interested with pentesting instruments,


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