Excel Lessons – Zero to Pro for Teachers and Office Workers


A brief description

Here are a few reasons why you should take this Excel course:

Only the most often used Excel functions in school and workplace settings are covered in this program.

  1. This course can be completed in one weekend.
  2. Examples and case reports from the office and the classroom
  3. Since Excel needs practice, there would be more realistic drills.
  4. Tools that can be downloaded
  5. The Teacher will respond to your questions.
  6. Start using Excel to make yourself a hero at work or at school!

You’re either new to Excel or want to learn how to use any of the more sophisticated features. In any case, this course would be useful to you.

Why do you enroll in this program?

This course includes practical activities that can be implemented in the workplace or school environment.

What qualifies us to instruct you?

The course is taught by a Computer Science Coach, who has a website where you can read more about him.

My Assumption

Our duty and priority is to teach our students. You can still post a question in the course or send us a direct message if you have any questions about the course material, practice sheet, or anything else relevant to any subject.

Full Assignments and Download Practice Files

Each lecture comes with a practice sheet to help you keep track of what you’re learning. Each segment provides a homework assignment to help you bring what you’ve learned into practice.

What subjects will be discussed in this class?

This course will teach you what you need to know about Excel in the workplace.

The below are the Excel course contents for this full Microsoft Excel course:

Introduction – The structure and scope of the course are explored in this video.

Amount, AVERAGE, RAND, MIN & MAX, SUMPRODUCT, and other mathematical calculations are discussed in this lecture.

Textual Formulas – This Excel lesson covers textual formulas like TRIM, CONCATENATE, SUBSTITUTE, UPPER & LOWER, Duration, LEFT, RIGHT, AND MID.

AND & OR, IF, COUNTIF, SUMIF, and other logical formulas are covered in this lecture.

Date and time (Temporal) Formulas – TODAY & NOW, DAY, MONTH & YEAR, DATEDIF & DAYS are some of the date-time functions discussed in this lecture.

VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, Map, Play, and other lookup formulas are covered in this Excel lecture.

Data Software – This lecture discusses data operations such as data sorting and filtering, data inspection, duplication elimination, and data importation (Text-to-columns)

What are the advantages of mastering Microsoft Excel?

1. Microsoft Excel aids in the organization of data.

2. Microsoft Excel assists in the execution of assignments.

3. Microsoft Excel will help you improve your job performance.

How long does it take to become proficient in Microsoft Excel?

While Microsoft Excel is easy, no one can predict how long it will take to master it. It is all up to you. The approach we used to help you learn Microsoft Excel easily begins with the fundamentals and progresses to an advanced stage in just a few hours. You may do the same, but keep in mind that you can’t understand much until you put it into practice. The best way to master Microsoft Excel easily is to train.

What are the moves I can take to become proficient in Microsoft Excel?

1. Begin by mastering the fundamentals of Microsoft Excel. The course’s first three parts contain the fundamentals.

2. After you’ve learned the fundamentals, try your hand at advanced MS Excel. Advanced Excel subjects are discussed in the following pages.

3. The following segment will show you some fun new Microsoft Excel tricks.

4. Put what you’ve learned into practice with the exercises that come with each lesson.

What is the distinction between Excel’s basic and advanced levels?

A individual can use MS Excel at its most basic level.

SUM, IF, AVERAGE, COUNT, and ROUND are examples of excel formulas.

This course is intended for the following individuals:

Anyone who wishes to practice Succeed from the ground up in a brief amount of time.
Primary and middle school teachers
Topic teachers
Employees in the office
Students are invited to join.


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