Figma for UI/UX Design 2021: Learning by Doing approach


Summary, Description

This is so much a realistic learning course for Figma. You would have an aesthetically appealing project for a platform to show in the portfolio at the end of the course.

For UI/UX Design teams worldwide, Figma is rapidly becoming the instrument of choice. This is because, when it comes to the abilities to communicate and create responsive design, Figma is much more powerful than Adobe XD and Sketch. You’ll learn Figma in this course while designing while you are studying. While doing technique, this learning will help you learn Figma more efficiently.

  • Understanding the Style of Clients
  • The Wireframe Perception
  • Creating the matching colour scheme for the logo concept
  • Pick Typefaces and Scale Type
  • Developing a new user interface according to the criteria
  • Using specific Figma features such as Auto Layout to accelerate the workflow

In particular, this course is meant for beginners to help them get up to speed. To produce an output of significance, mastering a method is not enough, and thus, this course is a project-based course. You will have a stunning website template (with website copy) at the conclusion of the course for a study abroad business to show off in your portfolio.

For whom this course is intended:

  • Students searching for Figma for UI/UX Concept to understand
  • Beginners who are looking to create a Figma project and learn all the features
  • Blog designers, graphic designers, UX designers who want to learn Figma for UI Design


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