Getting started with DevOps using Azure DevOps & Docker


Summary, Description

In today’s software development, Docker and DevOps tools are becoming important requirements. Developers could feel the need to learn it, and from now on, students should be prepared for it. If you hear a lot of conversations on these two developments, and you have a kind of good understanding of how technically it can operate, nor do you want to see it in motion and begin playing with it yourself? This course, then, is for you! It’s all realistic, no slides, no wasting time. In just 1 hour, I’ll get you straight to the stage!


1. Docker Installation for Linux (or Windows)
2. Build an ASP.NET Main Web App Demo
3. Managed Docker’s Mobile App
3.1 Grab pictures of a Docker from the Docker Hub3.5. 3.5. File Dockerignore (coming soon)
4. Label the picture
5. Image push to Docker Center
6. Drag the picture out of the Docker Center
7. Build an Azure Mobile App for Containers
8. For VSTS CI
8.a Post the Github source code
8.b Building a pipeline for CI
8.c Role Add: Create Picture
8.d Role to be added: Push Picture
8.e Allow trigger CI
9. VSTS CD with
9.a Setting up the artefacts
9.b Allowing Cause Continuous Deployment
9.c Ambient configuration: Dev, Staging & Prod
10 Run the Pipelines for CI & CD
11 Operating on docker-compose.yml Compose.yml (coming soon)
12 Attaching a directory to your idea (coming soon)

For whom this course is intended:

Developers of apps using .NET Core
Developers of apps that wish to start using Docker
Developers of apps that wish to start using DevOps