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Ready to learn Python, one of the most highly sought after programming languages as of late? Here’s how you can get started.
Python’s popularity has seen a massive boom in recent times, and for good reason. Python's syntax is simple and easy-to-comprehend, especially when compared to many other popular programming languages.
Python boasts an exponentially growing community centered around trending technologies like data science, AI, and web development. As more companies apply Python for their development projects, it's becoming a must-have for kickstarting your coding career.
There are plenty of free Python courses on the internet, leading you to wonder which are worth your time.
Let’s end this dilemma by giving you a quality reference list of some great platforms to learn Python online for free.
Google uses Python in many of their projects, and they even promote the Python culture through their free Python course. Google’s Python Tutorials course is excellent for anyone with little to no coding experience. This online course comes well-equipped with handy video lectures, written tutorials, and plenty of coding exercises to practice your learnings.
The best part is that you don't need to sign-up on any platform to access the course, as it's available for free on YouTube. The course is well structured and progresses in difficulty as you go through the various modules.
Introduction to Python: Absolute Beginner is Microsoft's attempt to promote Python culture and help beginners improve their knowledge. The five-week course teaches you all the necessary Python concepts using the Jupyter Notebook.
The course is hosted by none other than Eric Camplin, a Senior Content Developer at Microsoft. The edX course is free, but you'll need to pay for certification if you decide to add it to your resume after completing the course.
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While most courses on this list take weeks or sometimes months to master; however, Free Code Camp on YouTube is a different ball game altogether. This 4-hour 20-minute course is a comprehensive guide to learning Python without signing up on a paid platform.
The course is absolutely free and covers all significant concepts that a beginner needs to develop their building blocks. Just make sure you have an IDE in place to simultaneously practice the code, as you go about attending this fast-paced lecture. While it won't provide the most in-depth analysis of the language, it will give you the tools and mindset you need to begin your Python career.
Introduction to Python Programming on Udemy specifically targets beginners and sticks to teaching the basics of Python. The course is only 1-hour 39-minutes long and consists of 18 lectures, each of which are divided into three sections. The student learns to write their own scripts and functions as the course progresses forward.
The Udemy course is free, but you get extra benefits like Instructor Q&A and Certificate of Completion with the paid course version.
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Most programming courses begin with downloading and installing numerous dependencies on your machine. This step is usually cumbersome for beginners, as all of these new concepts appear alien.
Educative is a text-based platform that allows you to learn and practice Python directly from your browser. The Learn Python 3 is spread over 10-hours and comprises of 75 lecture modules, each of which contain important Python concepts like data types, variables, loops, functions, libraries, and much more.
A notable feature of Educative is the excellent selection of quizzes spread throughout the course to ensure you retain the knowledge you reviewed.
Every other mention on our list boils down to writing code on an IDE platform to learn the concepts of Python. MakeCode Python takes a very different route for making programming fun and interactive by converting monotonous-looking code into a block-based language. Truly beginner friendly, MakeCode teaches you perhaps the most aspect of programming: learning to think like a programmer.
MakeCode’s projects are highly interactive and involve fun activities. You can use MakeCode as a conventional IDE or switch to blocks anytime you want.
Now that you know where to learn Python for free, which platform are you going to use? The article contains courses of many different types, ranging from written tutorials and videos to block-based coding. Check out each course and learn Python the go today!
Looking to make a career change? Python is an excellent way to get your foot in the programming door. Even better news: you can learn for free.
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