How to write clean Kotlin and Android code!



Have you ever gone back to your code and understood nothing because it had been too messy and unorganized? have you ever ever spent plenty of time trying to work out what within the world have you written therein app?

This went on to me repeatedly also and that i skills frustrating this is often , but we are here to truly fix it and stop it from happening again!

Class objective

This course is about writing clean Kotlin Android code which can prevent tons of your time . you’ll be ready to write far better and consistent code, so you’ll never find yourself wasting such a lot time trying to know your projects.

We will work together on your programming mindset. We are getting to create how of thinking so once you write code you furthermore may refactor it afterwards, because cleaning your code after you finish a feature is as important as having the power to write down it within the first place.

This course also features many tips and tricks on the way to write clean and readable Kotlin code.
Who this course is for:

BeginnerAndroid Developers
Intermediate Android Developers
Expert Android Developers