HTML Forms For Beginners: A Basic Introduction



HTML Forms are one among the most points of interaction between a user and an internet site or application. they permit users to send data to the online site. Most of the time that data is shipped to the online server, but the online page also can intercept it to use it on its own.

An HTML Form is formed of 1 or more input elements. Those input elements are often text fields (single line or multiline), select boxes, buttons, checkboxes, or radio buttons. Most of the time, those input elements are paired with a label that describes their purpose.

The main difference between an HTML form and a daily HTML document is that, most of the time, the info collected by the shape is shipped to an internet server.

In this introductory course you’ll find out how to make the subsequent sorts of forms:

Input with given name and surname
Dropdown selection form
Group data form
Form with submit button

This course is video based and is a smaller amount than 2 hours.
Who this course is for:

This HTML Form course is supposed for those with basic knowledge of Html and Css . Also a working knowledge of Text Editors. This course is perhaps not for you if you’re looking to find out more advanced form creation.