Intermediate Animation in Autodesk Maya


Summary, Description

*NOTE that this is an internal course

This is the best chance to use an industry-standard 3d kit to master the basics of animation. I want to make the learning process simple for you, going through in really comprehensive videos all the basics and principles of animation.

We will go through an intermediate phase of practising several distinct fundamental animation lessons in this course. Via Body Acting, Body Mechanics, and Facial Animation, we will go. From scene planning and weight analysing, modelling, shapes, and more.

We will focus on these animations from scratch to guarantee that you will have the skills needed for credible characters posed to you in various technical situations after completing this course. We are also going to go through the very basics so that you have a deep understanding of what it takes to use Maya to animate fantastic scenes and characters.

As course material, the rigs used in the videos will be shown to you so that you can follow along with each tutorial.

You’re going to learn tricks and shortcuts to speed up your process and help you understand the basics of animation.

Throughout the whole course I will be available for you, feel free to give me a message if you find any problem. I’m going to help you fix it and explain why it showed up.

So please, take this course now, and let’s get together to practise Animation!


For whom this course is intended:

2D animators who have to master 3D animation for
3D Animators are looking to expand their capabilities


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