Java Beginner – Get Started Coding with Java!


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As used by top corporations such as Google, Amazon and Facebook, do you want to learn the world’s number one programming language?

Do you want to learn how to begin your journey into skilled software development with the simplest, most efficient and scalable development platform?

This course is for you, then!

Welcome to this course to get the Java framework underway! I’m so happy to bring you here, and you’ll be so excited to have selected it by the end of the course, and you’ll be well on your way to exploring the Java programming platform, the possibilities it gives, and the fun it provides!

My name is Matt Speake, I’m a talented Java software developer, and for more than 20 years I have been programming, working from small companies to big investment banks everywhere. I’m going to teach you Java basics and show you the ropes, step by step, in easy-to-digest little tutorials, just as we’re sitting side-by-side together and I’m talking you along with a cup! You have to take time, determination, try stuff out and build your drive to take it further… There’s no burden here, nothing crazy challenging and you have something to win… Welcome to the course that will bring you on the ride!

Step by step, you can see the following basics of Java:An overview of the Java platform-why it is so popular, who uses it and realises that on planet earth it drives billions of devices
From tiny smartphone applications for the user to powerful cloud-based apps running on hundreds or thousands of computers, you’ll instal the Java Development Kit to get set up to use it – this is what all Java systems are designed on – everything starts with the JDK!
You’ll mount and take the first move with an IDE – Eclipse (the best for beginners!;)). It is totally free (as are all the Java tools/programs you need). We’re also going to show you those super Ninja moves that the pro uses as debugging and refactoring! This will not frighten you, however I hope to inspire you!

For whom this course is intended:

Complete and absolute Java rookies who need to get up and sprint hard in a no-fuss, no-fluff way
Total Java app beginners who never took their first moves with it
“Not quite beginners” who have had a few mis-steps since learning Java and want to attempt to learn Java from scratch again in a straightforward, succinct and no-nonsense way.


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