Java from Zero to First Job: Part 1 – Practical Guide


A brief description

This is the first component of the ‘Java from Zero to First Job’ fundamental training curriculum. It is designed for people who want to learn programming from the ground up, as mentioned in the course name. This course only requires that you know how to turn on your computer; no other experience is needed.
Before beginning the design of this course, our team carefully examined reviews for current courses on the Udemy website, with a particular emphasis on feedback for the highest-rated courses, in order to determine what could be changed in this course and how it could be made even better from a content perspective. Following the study, we have a better understanding of what can assist students in learning Java more effectively.

In this course, you will learn how to:

Each lesson has a high concentration of useful information.

You will note that watching 5 minutes of our tutorial is the same as watching another 30 minute lesson on occasion.

This is due to the fact that time spent on lesson planning (script for the lesson, lesson structure) and video editing (to delete repetitive sections of the lesson, or time spent waiting for the software to load) can be 10 times (or even 20 times) the final lesson period after video editing.

It’s possible that only your assignments and coding tasks, plus the EXAM task, will take you about 20 hours to complete.

Try it for yourself! We’d love it if you could provide us with some input.

– Information that is important

After looking at other Java courses on Udemy, we discovered that the vast majority of them had little to do with real life. There is a lot of outdated and out-of-date information being exchanged there. For eg, the teacher teaches a framework that hasn’t been used in 15 years. Alternatively, the teacher can place emphasis on a programming style that is no longer in use!

This course’s lecturer serves as a contractor for a top-rated IT consulting firm, where he assists in delivering cutting-edge IT solutions to all of his customers. Check out the instructor’s LinkedIn profile to see if they have any qualifications endorsements.

With this tutorial, you can be assured that you will be spending your time wisely learning from one of the world’s finest IT consultants.

– The order in which the lessons are taught

We realized how relevant the sequence of lessons when teaching Java after years of teaching offline and based on input from students who are passing online courses. The same problem exists for novels, where content is totally unstructured, further complicating matters. For example, how can students learn object-oriented programming from the first lesson if they are unfamiliar with the fundamentals of Java syntax? Or how can a student complete a homework assignment if he or she is unfamiliar with Java methods?As a result, you should be assured that you will not be given a hometask to complete without providing adequate knowledge to complete it. Many students who took this course offline and now work as software developers in contracting firms and as freelancers testify to the success of the curriculum.
Checks in interview preparation
The instructor of this course was in charge of driving the interview process in businesses to ensure that the company chose the right people when serving as an IT expert in numerous companies. As a result, the initial interview is still a challenge. If the exam is passed, the applicant is asked to have a discussion. As a result, we’ve designed this course to help you pass your exams.

We prepared assessments specially for our students that could be used to determine your skills during the interview process.

There are two exams. Each person is asked 90 questions (180 interview tests in total). Each session lasts 120 minutes.

You should read the explanations to the questions! This will also assist you with learning content more effectively. Don’t put it off any longer; give it a shot right now!

– Help with questions and responses

The availability of the tutor is a major contrast between the online and offline learning processes. If you are in the same room as the teacher, he will still assist you in grasping a certain idea or in repairing your machine code.
We are assisting students in this course by providing answers to any questions raised in the Q&A segment.

This course is planned for the following individuals:

Anyone who wants to master Java from the ground up
Those interested in understanding the foundations of programming
Web technology tech developers in the future
Future Android programmers
Engineers who specialize in test automation in the future


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