JavaScript – Basics to Advanced [step by step (2021)]


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Bonus parts for ReactJS: jQuery and ES6

In this course in JavaScript –
You’ll read and understand at the outset of this JavaScript course:
1) All the basic JavaScript principles.
2) And advanced topics such as object-oriented programming in which you can learn the principles of OOPs such as code binding, inheritance, encapsulation of data, etc.
3) The most used aspect of JavaScript – Functional Programming, where special features such as routing, filtering, minimising, and much more can be covered.
4) In jQuery, which is a commonly used JavaScript library, we will also cover some important subjects.

In the JavaScript programming language, we have incorporated best practises and do’s and don’ts.
With the support of feedback, we can also clarify how to write clean code, the code most developers will understand.

This course is built in such a way that after completion of this javascript course, a person who does not know anything about JavaScript or programming will be able to write a clean and well-structured code.
You will be able to apply with trust at the end of the course for JavaScript jobs with the proper skills that you will learn in this course.

Who would teach you in this class?

I am a highly ranked Computer Science graduate teacher with a ranking of 4.3 and over 200k students on Udemy, since my college days I have been part of the corporate circle. In my early days, I was part of a start-up team providing Android applications for the development grid. Currently, I am EdYoda’s lead creator. I’m responsible for the whole production & alignment of the front-end with the back-end. React, Python. My fields of specialisation are Django. I’ve been offering Android, React, JavaScript, Python & Django corporate preparation. I have an eye for information that makes me perfect for the distribution of a completed project.

Our Reviews for Students:

I’m a novice. I learnt javascript for the first time. I don’t know a single line about javascript until I viewed these videos. I figured this course was not useful for me, but times go out and I watched all the videos and I noticed that for a beginner this is great. And I make sure you send us a more fun and helpful course for our future. So thank you again. And keep going UDD.

“I loved this course because when I started learning javascript I have no idea what things I need to study I read javascript documentation and do so many tutorial but what I want to learn about javascript is found here. Thanks sir” -Akhil Balakrishnananan

Wish you the best on your trip through JavaScript programming.

Enroll yourself now!! In training, see you.

Happy apprenticeship
EdYoda’s Squad

For whom this course is intended:

Beginners in Web Production that are fresh
Newcomers who would like to learn JavaScript from scratch
Developers who want to catch up on Javascript principles


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