Learn to Code in JavaScript


Summary, Description

The main language used for the creation of immersive and dynamic front-end web applications is JavaScript. Different application platforms, such as Angular, Vue, React, Ember, Knockout, use JavaScript (or TypeScript*). This course is intended to show you the most essential JavaScript language functionality, so that you can learn about web frameworks afterwards. As JavaScript mostly exists (and is executed) in the browser, web topics such as HTML and the Document Object Model will also be addressed in this course (or DOM). We’ll talk about this course:

Loading a programme using JavaScript.

With HelloWorld

Primitive forms of data

The Operators

The Strings

The Dates


The Conditionals




Modules and Lessons

You will have a thorough grasp of the JavaScript language by the conclusion of this course and you will have sunk your toe into relating this to a web page.

I am genuinely excited to share with you my experience and my passion for software development. Come on this journey and I will do my utmost to help you read, appreciate, and eventually become part of a group of developers who are making this world go round!

This course, along with working examples for each lecture and a Verifiable Certificate of Completion, contains comprehensive descriptions of each definition.

* TypeScript is a JavaScript superset and incorporates some major ideas, but for implementation, all TypeScript is compiled into JavaScript.

For whom this course is intended:

We start with programmers who are interested in developing apps.


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