Learn to code with an Introduction to Python 3


Summary, Description

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This course has so much more content than just the pure content of the video. I’ll show you how to access it in the setup videos for this course:

All of the code, scripts, and notebooks on Jupyter.
All the problems and solutions for practise.
The beautifully formatted book that receives the material covered in the videos and is hosted online. After watching the videos, it is much easier to review material in this format.


This course is intended for full beginners who would like to learn to code. This course teaches you how to code using the python programming language. It is all about the fundamentals that will provide you with the foundations to work on larger projects. For those willing to learn coding, this course is perfect. By using Jupyter Notebooks, this course starts with teaching Python 3 in an interactive format. You can also learn to write programmes inside the Pycharm Integrated Programming Environment (IDE) after learning the basics.

For whom this course is intended:
Anyone who is looking for a coding introduction.
For those looking for an introduction to the language of python programming.