Linux Security and Hardening, The Practical Security Guide


Summary, Description

This course covers the values and rules of foundation security that will help Linux system administrators keep their Linux servers secure. It also takes you step-by-step through steps of hardening. Explore some of the Linux operating system’s security vulnerabilities, and discover how to defend against those weaknesses. When they have physical access to your computer, think about ways to keep criminals from getting into your devices. Plus, learn how to encrypt different types of accounts on a Linux system, implement solid passwords, set up a Linux firewall, and more.

The topics below include:

· What makes it healthy for Linux?

Concepts for physical defence

Security of accounts and networks

· Fundamentals of Linux firewalls

· Stability of file system

· Permissions to file and folders

IDS and Fail2BAN Linux Protection Demonstrations

1-Tripwire, what’s it?

2-On CentOS 7, load and setup Tripwire IDS?

3-What does Fail2BAN mean?

4-How to Setup and Customize CentOS 7 Fail2Ban?

For whom this course is intended:

  • Device Controller, Administrator of Databases, DevOps creator


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