Machine Learning & Deep Learning in Python & R


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You’re looking for a full course in Computer Learning and Deep Learning that will help you start a thriving Data Science & Machine Learning career, right?

You found the perfect course for Machine Learning!

You will be able to: After finishing this course:

To solve business challenges and develop business strategies, confidently construct predictive machine learning and deep learning models

· Answer interview questions relevant to machine learning

· Take part in online data analytics competitions such as Kaggle competitions and conduct them

Check the table of contents below to see what you can find about all the models of Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

How’s this course going to help?

All students who take this Machine Learning fundamentals course are presented with a Verifiable Certificate of Completion.

If you are a project manager or an executive, or a student who wants to understand and apply machine learning to business challenges in the real world, this course will provide you with a strong basis by showing you the most common machine learning strategies.

Why should this course be selected for you?

This course covers all the steps that one can take by linear regression when solving a business problem.

Most courses focus mainly on teaching how to run the analysis, but we agree that what happens before and after the analysis is carried out is much more important, i.e. it is very important that you have the correct data before running the analysis and do some pre-processing on it. And you should be able to judge how effective your model is and analyse the findings after running the study to really be able to support the business.

What makes us able to teach you?

What makes us able to teach you?

Abhishek and Pukhraj teach the course. As Global Analytics Consulting managers, we have helped organisations address their business challenges using machine learning approaches and have used our expertise to incorporate the functional aspects of data processing in this course.

With over 600,000 registrations and thousands of 5-star ratings like these, we are also the developers of some of the most popular online courses:

This is really fine, I love the fact that a layman can understand all the description given – Joshua

Thank you for this great course, Author. You are the best and any price is worth this course. – Daisy, Daisy

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Teaching our learners is our job and we are dedicated to it. You can still post a question on the course or send us a direct message if you have any questions about the course material, practise sheet or anything relevant to any subject.

For whom this course is intended:

  • People who seek a computer processing career
  • Working professionals starting their journey through data
  • Statisticians who seek more realistic information

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